Call it by its name

Call it by its name

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Liner Notes: 

I was insspired by a quote on FB starting with saying Dear media there is NO such thing as sex with underaged women. It's rape. The Word youre for is rape"

And IF you want to do a collab please dont hesitate to contact me.


1, Three days after she turned 15
With someone that called himself friend
He could have been her dad
And he did put her youth to end

And noone called "it" by it's name
As a girl she of course should take The blame
How drunk where you?
Did you wear a skirt?
Dont you think being dressed like that
Made him think you flirt?

2, He said "Im going to take whats mine"
And her tears where all in vain
The man did not listen he did not see
For him pleasure for her just pain


3, Her youth came to one end
She trust The world NO more
She is hiding behind thick walls
Digged deep behind her souls bottom floor

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I was just thinking about trying to write a lyric about this. This is so good and I hope you find someone to do it

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Powerful and painful. Really strong images and triggers. Important song to be written and heard.

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"He put her youth to an end". That line speaks volumes, but probably not to those who need to hear it. Your chorus is how it is and what it means. So heartbreaking.

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This had to be said. Soul's bottom floor is a powerful image.