Windows XP Welcome Music Part 2

Windows XP Welcome Music Part 2

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Liner Notes: 

I used to be obsessed with the Windows XP welcome music. It's got such a great synth/new age/vaporwave vibe to it, and I used to fall asleep to it every night. Have a listen if you haven't heard it:

I wanted to do something in a similar style. It's definitely like, not as good, but I'm cool with it for 50/90. Enjoy! Smile

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I don't actually know the piece of music and I used XP for a long time, cool track though! Nice airy feel with a neat lead bit, the song has a good feel, kind of mysterious, reminds me of Halo 2 in a way, might be the background synths.

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i used that xp sound in a soundscape once (back in the days of xp) i love you say you were obsessed with it and used it to go to sleep to Smile nice inspiration for your piece, some lovely sounds, love the washy vibe of it - very relaxing, i can imagine going to sleep to this.

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Man, I totally missed this when XP came out. Just listened to your linked video--did the song only play the first time you booted XP up? I've never heard the original--but I really enjoyed your "take" on it here. Nice job!

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Like a couple of the other folks, I didn't know about this!
Was this one of the default wavs or something that you could listen to in media player?
Anyway, I took a listen to the original - very cool and you nail the vibe it gives off with your track.
New agey and vaporwavy, indeed...but more musical with your guitar playing.
AWESOME accompanying sounds, though. Loved this.
All the little touches with the mix and fx, esp liked the filtering on the drums at the end...
Great listen.