Letting Go

Letting Go

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Liner Notes: 

We were talking in the chatroom about.. well about letting go and holding on and all sorts of things and I wanted another song tonight. The guitar bit was just something I started playing earlier today when the wife was asking about the new 12-string electric and I was showing how it sounded compared to other guitars. (Come to think of it, I probably should have used it instead of Lena May *ponder*) When I started playing it the words just kind of came out with a couple of rough spots that I smoothed over a little. And here it is.


I hear the water flow
I seize my pain and let it go
Where it goes, well, nobody knows
I let it float away like a puff of smoke

Letting go can be hard to go through
When it begins to hurt this much
What else can you do?

I hear the water flow...

I feel the cool breeze blow
I dry my tears and let them go
Where they go, well, nobody knows
I let them escape in a trickle so slow

Letting go can be hard to go through
When it begins to hurt this much
What else can you do?

I feel the cool breeze blow...
I hear the water flow...

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you certainly commuicate the neccessity of letting it all go. all those brrezes, all that water, that stuff is already going..but letting go of the hurt and pain inside yourself..that takes some doing, some suoer human effort.

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Letting go is so hard and I love your metaphors here that provide the poetic images of letting go. Lovely and heartfelt feelings are expressed with the great vocals

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Important message - has a style i cant put my finger on - but i like it!

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What a great indie folk song. Love it, it has great bones Smile I can actually hear it as a full acoustic production, a few tweaks, some percussion and harmonies.... Sorry, I got carried away !

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By the way, this is the first song I have heard that I have also 'Saved' this year on 50/90 Smile

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You know I've got a soft spot for Lena May, but I also know what you mean. Sigh...
Letting go, ugh. Do I have to? But what else is there? Damn you.

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The droning fingerstyle and movements in melody give this a very cool Appalachian folk vibe. Almost feels like a mountain gospel tune. Solid tune, good sir!