Checkout Line

Checkout Line

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Liner Notes: 

This came from random phrases and stuff I jotted down on my phone and computer that sounded interesting. From NPR, life in general,dreams,dog walks ,perhaps from FAWM And 50/90 also.
Rearranging it into some kind of coherent form was the biggest challenge .


Checkout Line

She’s a Methedrine Daydream floating through the holler
She’s a Friday night bar fight ringing the bell
She’s an ice cream pop tart if you got a dollar
If you pull out a nickel then she’s mean as hell

He’s a riverboat gambler stealing all the chickens
A Walmart card shark with lies to tell
A bacon grease brain freeze sizzling in the kitchen
He's midnight dark in the bottom of the well

She screamed take me higher as he held her hand
In her push up bra with a tear stained eye
Said she saw angels at the top of the stairs
Their love was too young to die

But they both got lost in a minor key
He couldn’t give whatever she needs
Now he works all day on the rubber tire hoe
She play all night on her string banjo

They were driving their car towards the break of day
But the brakes gave out on the mental decline
A rock and roll suicide dragging the lake
We’re all just standing in the checkout line

Ralph Goodson 7-14-2019

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Sounds gorgeous - this has a beautiful guitar tone - and your earnest, sincere vocals keep me listening closely, letting the impressionistic lyrics flow over me as I luxuriate in the music and in the sound of the words. Very nice listen!

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this recalls the crazy days of berserk country music coming out of laurel canyon, fun melody bursting with cut up phrases. love it.

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That my friend is what i call a troubadour song! And very good at that !

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I particularly love the Instrumental in the middle and outro as well as the effects on the vocals. Yes we are all in the check out line, but hopefully not in the express lane. Smile Another good song Ralph, Well Done!

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The contrast between traditional-sounding music and singing and far-out "psychedelic" lyrics is invigorating, fascinating and fun at the same time. The way words just flow is something to admire. This is a bonza song. Smile