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Liner Notes: 

Started with that pumping pad in the intro, had no idea where it'd go from there.
At some point I programmed a simple kick/snare pattern and that's when I felt the synthwave.
Added the customary additional pads, synths and bass.
Final thing I did was the lead, which I'm not 100% happy with, but just wanted to get it recorded cause i'm hungry and haven't eaten all day!
I was going for an extended groove where said groove is just expanded (expounded?) upon over and over with new layers that just accent what is already there. I feel I may have compromised that with the lead. I wanted the listener to get almost hypnotized by the driving rhythm and swirling sounds around it.
Oh well.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I always sing along with your tracks. Just such a good groove. The build up was great!

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Honestly I think you accomplished what you set out to do. This really does build and build, and I was definitely nodding along to it. Great chords, very catchy, and nice drum fills (I'm realizing now I need to start using those!). Also given the time between this song and your last one, I'm impressed by how quickly you apparently put this together! It sounds really polished actually. Great work!

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This one has a more uncomfortable/ unsettling feel to some if yours. Perfect situational piece. Nice.

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Great piece. Very well mixed sounds creates aone intense and interesting vibe

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I listened a few times to see if I could hear all that you intended. I think that I do except where you mentioned the groove may have been compromised by the lead. I don't think all builds up rather effectively with each piece getting its due.

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I like the build-up, the layering, the swirly-ness in my headphones. And I found myself anticipating the lead, even more so after that big drum sound came in to solidify the groove. Oh, here it is! Nice and spacy and soaring - cool wobbly-ness in places. I dig this one a lot!

That slow build really works well. The way the groove is already in place when the drums kick in is something that reminds me of the Ozrics; now there is a band who could totally stick a groove...

I don't think the lead synth compromises anything, but you could perhaps push it further back in the mix and drop some reverb on it to let it breathe. This year I've been knocking my guitar solos much further back in the mix (by six or seven dB, which for me is a *lot*) and it seems to make them bed down in the mix much more.