Alone In the Moonlight

Alone In the Moonlight

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Liner Notes: 

The Facebook songwriting group 'song skirmish' prompt is the title. Yesterday my wife came up with a name for our third electric car. Last night I did the guitar arpeggio track. Today I got the idea to begin writing a few songs (perhaps connected, more on that later) from the car (or cars, and assuming sentience) POV. Tonight I listened to the arpeggio and these are the lyrics that came to mind. Added harmonica and shakers.


Alone In the Moonlight
Silvertone Guitar Open C tuning
Guitar chords: C(open) - oooooo; C6(F#7) - oo432o; Fadd9/G(C/A) - oo555o; Cmaj7(F#(Em6add9) - o44ooo;

[C(open)] Alone in the moonlight I sit in the driveway
[C6(F#7)] Cloud refractions compounded in haze
[C(open)] Night owl calls in a rhythmic wave
[C6(F#7)] Locked outside my home
[C(open)] Feels strange being a french immigrant
[C6(F#7)] Younger sister’s inside singing her own lament
[C(open)] Resolve is weakened and my energy is spent
[C6(F#7)] But tonight I’d rather be alone

[Fadd9/G(C/A)] Brushed by the soft warm humid breeze
[Cmaj7(F#(Em6add9)] The moonlight shines
[Fadd9/G(C/A)] Still don’t know what I will grow up to be
[Cmaj7(F#(Em6add9)] Or what waits with time

[C(open)] Wildflowers tease me with aroma so pleasing
[C6(F#7)] I think that summer is my favorite season
[C(open)] Even when I have to dodge cats, rats, and bird droppings
[C6(F#7)] Can’t help but feel like I’m growing

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Describing the night from the eyes of a car is a neat take on the prompt, the line describing the car as "a french immigrant" is especially clever, and the instrumentation here is just very well done. Excellent work all around!

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I like this being in her pensive, introspective state. The lyric gives a lovely taste of the outdoor evening’s pleasures. The line which makes it for me is “But tonight I’d rather be alone.” That mood is a sweet one to me, and the music is a good match for it, calm and soothing, and just a little bit lonesome. Love the deep guitar! And the harmonica to close was perfect.

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Very beautiful told in all aspects. Lovely sparse guitar and great way of setting the mood.

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This is a really nice bit of work Andy. Enjoyed it!

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I dig the pensive, thoughtful vocal and the hypnotic, pretty guitar a whole lot. The shaker is a gentle flourish, and harmonica was surprising and pleasing - don't know that I've heard you play it before, at least that I remember. And I can picture the scene for sure. Good one!

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Good to hear a positive feeling about this prompt. The open tuned guitar keeps it peaceful while you introspect. A bit of loneliness sneaks in with the harp solo.

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I love your relaxed vocal delivery and the peaceful arpeggios... that harmonica at the end was a nice touch, a soothing one, too.

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Very evocative; the feeling of nighttime, of isolation, is strong, and your restrained vocals and gentle guitar set the atmosphere perfectly. I feel like I should come back to this when everyone else in my house is asleep, with all the lights out, and just luxuriate in the atmosphere.

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This is almost more spoken word poetry. I love the guitar accompaniment. Lovely arpeggios and chord progression. This is very peaceful.