My Number 2 Dream - Tsunami

My Number 2 Dream - Tsunami

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Liner Notes: 

This is based on a real dream I had two days ago. When I woke up I quickly sent Jimmy an email describing my dream before I forgot. So I decided to go through my email and find it to make a song. This is pretty close to my original notes. A couple changes for rhyming purpose but it is there. There was a little bit more but I didn't have room for song format.

I have a number 1 dream too...coming soon. It was from 3 days ago and just as weird if not weirder.

Update: Created an audio demo for this song today.
Update: This song has been updated to version 2 July 27, 2019


My Number 2 Dream - Tsunami

I was working in a coastal town
There were fishing boats all around
Was with my wife so close to me
A big surprise at what we would see
Then one of the islands blew up with lava
Just like Krakatoa East of Java
In came a wave and everybody ran
To get from bottom to higher land

My number 2 dream was about a Tsunami
How does this happen in my dream
My number 2 dream was about a Tsunami
We took off running with a scream

In the diner, everybody ran
Moving so quickly just as fast as they can
Got on their cell phones to make a few calls
911 emergency stalls
I watched my car flooded out in the garage
My wife grabbed my shoulder to give me a massage
Then the other island went boom boom boom
We ran into the hotel up to the highest room

The second Tsunami was bigger than the first
Flooded all the way to the top of the church
We made it to the top floor, of the hotel, and survived

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Whoa! What a wild dream! I have written songs about my dreams. Your dream mad a great song!

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That's one frightening dream. And the way things are going in the world more likely every day. Dreams sometimes give very good ideas. The line about wife grabbing shoulders is very dreamlike.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your song I like it bro. I write lyrics about my dreams and nightmares to.

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It's great you can remember your dreams with enough substance to get the story across! It's a good idea for a song. The lines are filled with lots of vivid imagery. Creative way to express those dreams!

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Vividly recounted, full of action, and scary!

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new demo today I like it bro. I read the lyrics again today to.

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I really love this - not going to go into any analysis - i just think its your best and i thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing!

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I love how the music has a breezy island feel (and great playing all around, too) and the story is so scary!
Fun song, great storytelling. And every instrument including your voice played with purpose and authority. Awesome tune.

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Man, I love that scorching lead guitar! The way it builds reminds me of the Dream Syndicate. Nice contrast between the breezy tropical feel of the music and the catastrophic lyrics ... I like "when the other island went boom boom boom" lots. Like a warped Jimmy Buffet!

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I used to have natural disaster dreams pretty regularly. They were my stress relief dreams. Mostly tornadoes, volcanoes, and earthquakes. I don't think I ever had a tsunami one though. I love the guitar playing and I really enjoy the juxtaposition of very cheery music with a seriously dark description. I like when things don't match the way you think they will, but they still work, and this works really well!

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Well the acoustic blues tag drew me in.

But I like the story. Because I'm an Easterner I think of Florida? Lava? Sure, why not. It's a dream. Anything can happen.

Fun tune. This is like Buffet on acid.