Moon Over Missouri

Moon Over Missouri

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Liner Notes: 

I'm a bit late, but I both my husband and I are experience such bad stomach pain. Ugh. Kept thinking of our floods this year.


Moon Over Missouri
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Some lush green
Some barren land
The mighty Missouri River
Has laid her hand

Some trail damage
Some loss of business
The moon over Missouri River
Was a stark witness

The moon looks
The moon sees
The moon knows the river
Does what it pleases
The moon over Missouri

Some recovery
Some hope
With the wide Missouri River
You learn to cope

Some renewal
Some respect
The lasting Missouri River
Flows unchecked

Repeat chorus

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Topical. A vivid image of the wrath of Mother Nature, and the moon watching what unfolds. Great lyrics.
Hope you’re feeling better soon. Jason.

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The moon knows the river
Does what it pleases.
Now we know who/what to blame for the Mississippi floods. A good read.

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I like how you took use the flood as the "bad guy" and the moon as the witness to our trials and ordeals. This kind of takes me back, reminds me of the spirituals and roots music of the early 19th century and some flood songs of those early decades but with a modern feel.

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A very spiritual look at the moon and the river. Well spoken.

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Oh I love this song and the beautiful chorus. Such a wonderfully natural spiritual feel that highlights the power of nature. We can try but we really can’t tame her.

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Through it all, the moon sees. I like that sentiment. It seeing all the loss but then also all the rebuilding; all from the river that's just gonna do what it wants even in the face the mighty moon.
And nice job rhyming 'business' with 'witness'!

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"Some recovery, Some hope, With the wide Missouri River, You learn to cope"
For me this line sums the whole song up. We need to learn to live with nature, and not fight against it, because we will never win.

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Ah very good! I had Moon Over Miami! I can see we were thinking alike here...although yours is much more poetic!

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love the moon as a witness concept, really captures something of the natural destruction of the floods and of something passing, with the moon watching from a distance all seeing

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The moon as a witness....original and amazing words. Recovery and hope <3

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Great flow to these very topical lyrics.

Great writing, Cindy.

“The moon knows the river”...

The verses are great, but that chorus is the bomb!