Blood moon over London town

Blood moon over London town

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish - To write a song about the "Moon over (location). Heres what came to me.


Blood moon over London town - (c) Jason Challis 2019

There's a blood moon rising over good ole London town
There's a little scream of terror as ole Jack lays the blade down
So don't walk in the back allies
When the sun starts to go down
Cos you don't wanna be caught
In the blood moon over London town

Did you read in the paper
Did you hear the gossip talk
There's a danger in the Eastend
There's bodies outlined in chalk


Mary that girl, she tried to scream
Mary never had a chance
Good loe Jack well, he leads the coppers, the
Good ole coppers in a merry dance


Ripper they call me
Ripper, the nightmare is real
As the moon glows, by it's light
As the horrors in the steel


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Kudos on going here with the prompt - unexpected!
That's what makes it fun, right? Smile
Jack the Ripper, right? Or did I totally not get it? lol
Either way, blood moon conjures some very vivid imagery. I'm a big geek who love Minecraft - and a particular mod brings blood moons into the game every so often, and they are BAD news.
That has caused me to mix the minecraft world with the images of back alleys in London, and your brooding but melodic kinda makes it even more frightful.
Excellent lyrics! You offer up such a vivid story.

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Good take on the prompt. A historic tale of darkness.

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Oh this is so deliciously creepy —- I love the chord progression and your awesome somewhat sinister feeling vocal delivery! Great descriptions and chilling when you admit to being Jack! Yikes! I am glad it is broad daylight and I am not listening to this alone on a dark night! Effective and unique take on the prompt!

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Love the way you combine a blood moon and Jack the Ripper, very clever and such a great combined image.
I can see verse 3 as the chorus actually, it has a lot of hooks and punch !

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The doubled vox is a cool effect and I like where you went with this one. I agree with Liz, this is deliciously creepy.

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I love this unique take on the prompt! The imagery in your lyrics combined with your performance combine into a perfectly hair-raising piece. I especially like the phrase "the horrors in the steel". Great job!

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I think this song will launch a new genre: SpookFolk. It’s rootsy, but also spooky in a fun, tuneful way, and your droll vocals give the lyrics just the right sardonic wink. Great skirmish!

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creepy with a real storyteller vibe about it - it has a nice shape story wise i like the questioning verse, pulls the listener right in to the story. some lovely lines, really strong lyrics. nice skirmishing

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Ooh a Jack The Ripper song! Blood Moon is a great scene setting image for this. Fun skirmish!

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Creepy dark tale told well. It gives me chills. Very cool take on skirmish prompt.

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Love the dark take on the prompt. Music and vocals are perfect for the lyrics. Biggrin