Big Bang

Big Bang

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Liner Notes: 

Doug wrote this lyric and asked for Rock & Surf music.
I saw the B52s at the legendary Amsterdam Paradiso only a few weeks ago and now finally found some time to record something in that direction. If I find the time and muse I'm going to remix it. If someone wants to add vocals: please get in touch Smile

Doug: Stephan has become one of my favorite collaborators and here's another reason why. In my liner notes, I said the songwriter should have fun and you can see that he did. This is a blast! Love the mix of surf with the B-52s' sound. Thank you, Stephan! He's done Fred, now we just need female backing vocals...


I was a big believer
In the Big Bang theory
Till the universe collapsed

I didn’t have a real chance
To refine my science
’Cos it happened so darn fast

It felt like being swallowed
Down an endless tunnel
Ever fearful we might crash

And with gravity imploding
And the Milky Way exploding
My confidence in the future…
Is rapidly eroding

I wanna go back, go back, go back, go back
Go back
To the heavens with familiar stars
And to floating, floating, floating, floating
In between… Venus and Mars


(Repeat Verses, Pre-chorus and Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

I was a big believer
In the Big Bang theory
Till the universe collapsed

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I hear the B52s influence here. But also Talking Heads. This is a great groove, and the lyrics are wry, smart, and a bit cryptic. Great Job.

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When I read Doug's lyrics before I didn't hear B-52's in them. But now I do and it seems so clear now I could slap myself: the sci-fi, the explosions...and wasn't their one tour called Big Bang?

Sph's music captures a lot of the crazy camp fun of the band and is a proper salute and homage, with synth bass and surf guitar riffs. If you find Kate and especially if you find Cindy for this please I want to hear it.

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this sounds just like the B52s, and yes you need Cindy..but you already have a good Fred.

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Nicely rocking, off-kilter B-52s (or maybe Gruppo Sportivo too) sound indeed! I hope you get your Kate / Cindy, although this is tremendous fun just as-is, with the great vocal performance selling the heck out of these swell lyrics. I really like the sound of this, and the vibe as well; it’s a most fruitful collaboration!

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I love this! So fun and catchy, it's like sci-fi meets surf rock. Great lyrical topic and excellent performance.

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Oh what a fun surfy vibe song... I love anything surf rock like, as I used to be part of the culture in Cornwall Smile Oh the memories Wink

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Like people before me have said, this has a great B52's vibe that had me dancing in my seat. GREAT collab

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I love it. Very polished and definitely a B52s vibe. It’s quirky and fun!

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I'm a big fan of the B52s, in fact I would acknowledge Ricky WIlson as a real influence on my guitar style (though it might be hard to detect nowadays).
Anyway this was right up my street, lyrically ripe for the Fred Scnneider treatment, and plenty of that camp, kitsch surf sound they do.
Very nice and much enjoyed.

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Absolutely fabulous take on the lyrics, I laughed my head off bouncing around the kitchen with my girlfriend. Really wonderful. Thank you.

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I can really hear that B-52’s influence in there so very much!

The music on this is first rate, and the vocal is perfect. I love those lyrics! Really clever writing, matched to a tune that is so damn cool!

I love the guitar in the chorus, that is superb!

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I love the B-52's so much and this would fit into their set perfectly! I was bopping along to this!