Not An Echo Of You

Not An Echo Of You

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Liner Notes: 

A song about thinking of a great melody for a new song, not being in a place where I could record it, and then accidentally nodding off and forgetting the whole thing, written in such a way that one probably wouldn't have guessed that's what it was about.

This time I wanted to do something a bit more sad/dramatic, and I had a lot of fun with it! I especially enjoyed recording the vocals. I was also really happy I got to use my kalimba! Please excuse my sloppy playing, haha.

I've made the stems available here: (external link)

If you use them, please credit me for the stems in the song description and then put a link to the song on my soundboard so I can see it!


Holding you tight
Precious as gold
Are you still there?
Please still be there

Day turns to night
Trail growing cold
There's not an echo of you

Spiraling down into the depths of a dream
I want you, I want you
I always hate goodbyes
Reaching for a memory I can't redeem
As you slip away
I close my eyes

Calling your name
Silent as death
Are you still there?
No, you're not there

"They aren't the same,"
I mutter under my breath
There's not a trace left of you

Spiraling down into the depths of a dream
I want you, I want you
I always hate goodbyes
Reaching for a memory I can't redeem
As you slip away
I close my eyes

Spiraling down into the depths of my mind
I miss you, I miss you
And now you're gone for good
If it meant we'd meet again to hit rewind
I'd turn back the time
You know I would

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kahlo2013's picture

This music is very catchy with the driving rhythm, the instrumental layers and your clear emotive vocals delivering the catchy melody so well! The marimba is perfect! Love the concept of echos and traces of you! Well conceived and crafted!

ductapeguy's picture

The kalimba sounds great. This is a very catchy pop tune. Well done.

Zeekle's picture

Very catchy, great to listen to. Really good vocals and music.

Oh nice, I like the feel and melody to this song! Sounds real good, backing vocals at 1:30 are so much like classic Utada Hikaru, really like that part. This song has a cool feel to it, well done!

wobbie wobbit's picture

such a catchy chorus and had me chair dancing and grooving along, great kalimba. really lovely, nice work!

AndyGetch's picture

+1 on the catchy and kalimba. I love it when a relationship is used as a metaphor. Well done!

cts's picture

This is great! You've crafted an excellent pop tune. I like the overall feel and the kalimba works effectively in the composition. Aces!

3tdoan's picture

Catchy as hell and I love the melody on "spiralling down" - nailed it!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool song. Your stems sound very good and your vocals are gorgeous.

billwhite51's picture

youhave an excelent sense of melody. i read you profile nd my suggestion is to not worry about the chords. they are the least important element of pop music. its the lyric, the melody, the rhythm and how you put it across with the vocal....and you are adept at all of these.

Trendall's picture

Awesome! I listened to your three songs, looking forward to hearing more hopefully.

metalfoot's picture

What a splendid pop tune! Great feel to it and quality lyrics too!

jcollins's picture

Looking at your liner notes...I had to look up kalimba (A type of thumb piano, similar to a mbira.). That's interesting. I even watched a short video of somebody playing Elvis It sounded pretty good.

Looking at the lyrics...the first section is like a dream. The next section is three turns to night...this person or thing has disappeared. The next part confirms the dream I suspected...I always hate goodbye stands out here. Silent as your not there...pretty strong imagery here. They aren't the same...then I remembered what you said in the liner notes and now realize what this is...nice! Ok, the chorus has a very strong message I want you I miss you I'd turn back time. Pretty good and interesting story. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. percussion...keys...nice up and down melody...vocals now...can clearly understand the turns to night...there's not an echo of you...spiraling down...I want you...hate goodbyes...I hear the keys jamming away on the side...verse 2...theres not a trace left of you...chorus again now...nice job double-time the piano groove...very good vocals and melody. that opening melody and out. Yeah, this is really good. The lyrics are really good on this too. So you have a good melody, good lyrics, good playing, and good for me. Nice job on this. Oh, and the kalimba I suspect is the first melody before the vocals start? You don't need to answer I'm just thinking out loud. I liked your song.