Ear Plugs and Whiskey

Ear Plugs and Whiskey

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Liner Notes: 

Somebody make me stop writing! I have so many ideas that is crazy. Needs country music and vocals.

Chip: Two things I seldom do - sing from a woman's point of view, and play lead guitar. I had fun doing both!


Ear Plugs and Whiskey
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I went to the bar alone
It was anywhere but home
The liquor and the music mingled
As I wished I still was single

A classic country song played
I dreamed of getting laid
My thoughts weren't very pure
But God what I have to endure

Nagging spiteful woman
I'm caught in a bear trap
I need ear plugs and whiskey
To survive your constant yap

Once again I'm over my limit
God knows you're my worse critic
The bitchin' will start tonight
And there ain't no relief in sight

Repeat chorus

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Oh my! What a down on your luck story! This has such a classic redneck kind of longing country vibe in my head as I read the lyrics.

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That a very funny storytelling. I think more of a pop-rockis thing than a country. But hope you get some music.

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Love it. I could use ear plugs and whiskey at work sometimes!!

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Let the ideas flow...

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I was (and am) going to check out your skirmish song today, and I stumbled across this one! The title lured me in.
After I read these sassy words, I picked up my guitar and came up with something. But I'd want to sing it from the point of view of a woman with a nagging man!
So I'd like to put some music to this one - guitar and piano, I think - but don't add me as a collab just yet. Going out of town for a few days later this week and I might not get to it til I get back.

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Ah yes! Good to hear from the other sex. This guitar is super! What a fantastic song you have made this into!

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Great job with great lyrics, -- saw it on the Forums updated song list to come back and view.