Web Of Deceit

Web Of Deceit

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Liner Notes: 

When your stuck in a rut and looking for a solution to your personal problems.


Raindrops how they fall
Wishing for better times to come
Only can't fix my trouble's
Falling into a trap
Can things by changed?

Living life like a merry-go-round
Always comes to nothing
Could I put this right?
Jump off this merry-go-round

Stuck here in this web of deceit
How I try not to fall into this web of deceit
So many cobwebs surronding me
These cobwebs and diamond
Pick the right one out

Freedon is the solutions
I need to find what I've been searching for
Can't be trapped and be forever swallowed up
There has to be a solutions
Praying for better times to come

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