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Liner Notes: 

I've been feeling my age this week. An ear infection has meant it's been difficult to listen to or work on music, and that always brings me down. Not sleeping well doesn't help matters. Neither does the fact that those in charge of things appear to have completely abandoned any pretence of sanity...


My mind reacts to age
in scores of different ways
attention span in seconds
a creeping feeling of malaise
Nothing works as well
with these advancing days
a rising dread
of those days yet to come

Entropy always increases
and everything breaks in the end
For now, though, we pick up the pieces
and mend what we're able to mend

We sacrifice for keeps
instead of "just this once"
I can't remember how long it's been
since we could call things fun
A cry for help
would seem to be the sane response
Perhaps right now
It's safer to stay dumb

Instead of work
I want to do the things I love
Personal fulfilment;
is that too much to ask?
Time for kicking back
instead of always push to shove
A chance to shine
before we all succumb...

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a masterful manipulation of the minor key blues. the big pian and guitar combination makes me think of procol harum, although your music is nothing like theirs,if jim morrison had lived, this might be the kind of record he would make today. i love both the sound and the content within.

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I really like the sound and texture of this one, you've mixed it well. And I have no idea why, but that simple guitar part at 3:50 just felt perfect to me.

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I hear where you’re coming from. Great sound to this song and some beautiful little guitar fills.

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Wonderfully miserabilist. I just bought a short scale bass b/c arthritis.

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Got here from @billwhite51's shoutout on the rec songs list thread.
I saw your name and "blues"...knew I had to listen.
IMMEDIATELY, I knew this was gonna be amazing.
So let's see...just the simple thing of the reverb on the guitar gives this so much atmosphere...and its filled with soul, aching, anxiety, but it sounds so GOOD!
Your guitar phrases are amazing.
Just perfect compositional and musical choices every step of the way. I love the rhythm of the drums, the trills of the piano, the strings (those are strings, right?), and of course the tone and delivery of your vocals.
You communicate the nature of your lyrics perfectly with the vocals. I think I've used the words "perfect/perfectly" more than a couple times lol
The mix is...just ok....HA KIDDING ITS PERFECT!! That's one of the things that makes this song - everything is sitting in the mix exactly where the ears want them to. Seriously, of the best things I've heard. Alright, I've gushed enough.