Sundays Only Witness

Sundays Only Witness

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Liner Notes: 

this is the final song for my first 50 90 album, That Was The World That Was. Ittis inspored by tragic events of 1994, when my girfriends mother was found dead in her bed with a plastic bag over her head. on a sunday morning. As she had a monday morning appointment with her lawyer to cut her husbsnd out of her will, murder was suspected, but couldnt be proved. The mothers side of the family was sure it was murder and cut ties with the husband, but the daughter , although sharing their suspicions, stood by her father, if only because he was the only parent she had left. the truth will never be known, b withness to what happened was the portrait of their only child that hung in the bedroom.


The sea crashes over the wall
Fish escape the broken nets
She thought she heard the trumpets blow
But it was just one cornet

Was it suicide or murder?
12 Angry Men unreconciled
Sundays only witness
Was the portrait of a child

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Oh gosh this is haunting! What a sad story and the simple way you wrote this speak volumes.

Good one, really good one. Nice modulations. Leaves good room for the listener to form their own mind-pictures. Nice overdubbing. Changing your recording "method" lately I hear... no Blue-dogs as backup singers Smile

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Yeah, this is one of my favorites of yours already. I love the minimal lyric and how you build the song with your vocal (that last time through is very emotive.)

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Compelling lyrics - a poem that stands on its on.
What a lovely, chilling performance. I would love to have heard the song first and then have you tell me how it came about.
I may have said this before - you're someone I would love to see/hear perform.

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Song schmong--the lyrics alone are worth the price of admission here, Bill. SUPERB poetry! Wow! Again, I'm really enjoying your vocal treatments this "season". P.S. The lawyer in me has to advise that a person can't totally write your spouse out of a Will--the state generally has a statute protecting the spouse with some percentage...unless there's a pre-nup. Which, possibly, makes this all the more tragic. Nope--couldn't be more tragic. Great job!

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Epic in its simplicity, vast in its directness, and utterly gorgeous in execution. This is a big tale, intimately told, with real heart and emotion. Excellent words, with excellent, on-point music and vocals. Just stunning, really.

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The lyrics may be short but there's so much meaning packed into them. I'm glad you provided some background in the liner notes, really makes this song so much more powerful to know a bit of the backstory.

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I think it’s all been said. Very haunting song, lyrically and performance.