Single Mom

Single Mom

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Single Mom

She comes awake in her dark room
To face another day
Not eager to trudge off to work
But the bills will have their say

Got to get the kids awake
And take them to their school
Make a breakfast they can eat
And remind them of the rules

You ask me how I like my job
The routine of the line
I’d look for something better
But I just don’t have the time

The father of my kids, that bum
Does not give us a dime
My looks are gone no man cares
I’ve really stopped my tryin

So big a difference really sad
From my youthful dreams
Because I think my life is just
Coming apart at the seams

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This makes me sad! So well written, but so sad. I was a single mom for a while and it was tough. Clear writing!

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I was a single mom for nine years. Thank goodness I had a good job that helped pay those bills. I really identified with the belief "my looks are gone no man cares". The loss of dreams is also spot on. Well written!