Liner Notes: 

When I wrote the gutiar part I had no idea what it was going to sound like, I didn't realize it would be this.

I am okay with this.


Our words, easy to hide
Meanings, that lie inside
Our words, easily bent
Losing, what was truly meant

What I got in my head, stumbles to my mouth
Can't you read my mind, the real intent is all you'd find

Our words, only go so far
Talk yourself into the stars
Silence, can be all we need
Just your presence is fine indeed

What I got in my head, stumbles to my mouth
Can't you read my mind, the real intent is all you'd find

Sometimes I don't know what to feel
So I keep on feeling feeling (that's real)
Oh ya I got words to say (say 'em)
To everyone and you today

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katpiercemusic's picture

The guitar is really fantastic. This song keeps throwing me for a loop (which is a good thing) with the cartoony voices and then the slightly unpredictable chord progression. This is a lot of fun!

billwhite51's picture

high tech garage music, the arrangement is full of surprises and delights, and the song is worthy of the effort you have put into it

coolparadiso's picture

Yeah love the comfortable garage band style around that great solo. Like the intro voices as well,

The guitar in the intro/outro sounds great, has a really dreamy feel to it! I also really like the line "Talk yourself into the stars".

Silver Machine's picture

This is 70s rock coaxed down roads that never existed then. Very cool stuff throughout, you show so much imagination the way you put these together!
The weirdo voices at the start, the spoken intro to the solo, the way it shifts into chords and rhythms you never expect, these are all beautiful devices, and no one is going to turn this off before the end.

elliottlawrence's picture

Man this song is full of surprises. At first I thought it'd be a dream pop song, but then it turned into rock, and there's a bit of jazziness at the end too! Very cool blending of genres, I think it totally works. Great vocal performance as well, lots of character and a bit theatrical too. Really nice job!

Susan Cantey's picture

Loved the guitar from the start...funny how one musical thing leads to another. Unique and well done!

Klaus's picture

This is something else, 70's boogie ( little Status Quo there maybe ) shot through modern indie attitude mixed with jazz chords. Hah, how did you ever come up with this stuff? It's great and works beautifully. I also like the lyrics, the difficulty to communicate and the will to do it anyhow no matter what.

Drive By Love Fest's picture

I love how you match your singing with your guitar playing during this section "What I got in my head, stumbles to my mouth
Can't you read my mind, the real intent is all you'd find " it's so catchy!...and the ending...dreamy.

Powerstars's picture

That dreamy Cure-esque guitar is such a fantastic way to bring the song in. Then it's straight into the groovy garage rock, but that chorus is a welcome unexpected turn. Those jazzy chords make me *feel* something, they sound fantastic! Especially combined with these lyrics, they're fantastic. "Silence can be all we need" is a great line. I love the way you lead into the solo too. And then bookend with the jazzy guitar. Perfect. Great song!

jcollins's picture

Looking at the lyrics...powerful chorus message with good rhymes. lol...the first verse surely says I meant what I said. The second chorus has more good rhymes and some visuals, stars, silence...nice. The last verse, feel and feelings are really strong. The last part, say em to everyone and you today. That is the key and big part of your message. Good one! I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Wow, cool guitar intro...Side vocals...nice. Vocals are very good. Strong chorus! Good drums. Jamming tune. This sounds very cool. Good mix. Lead guitar now...love it. You can play that guitar. Nice return to the beginning....slow down outro sounds hella cool. Great song!

Love the sound of that guitar in the intro, then it goes in that cool, dirty garage rock sound with the righteous solo. Feels like a musician party. I like it!

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Fabulous title and lyrics. Guitar is floaty and emotive. The bizarre talking adds lots! Solo rollicking and rolling. Those jazz chords at the end a nice curveball!