4 Starters

4 Starters

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Liner Notes: 

Big thanks to Paul for lending his stems to this mix. His unmistakable creativity drove me to want to add some noise.
Hoping to hear some more takers on this cool theme.

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Oh yeah, great remix of the original!
This one really grooves along there.
Like a lost Hatfield & The North track.
Getting a little audio burn there, though; are yer organ levels too high, maybe...?
Wow, I really enjoyed this immensely!!

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Yeah, got the levels pretty hot. I plan to remix the whole work by the end of 5090.

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The change at about 18 seconds woke me up. Nice slight edgyness

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like the jammy feel of the organ over DD's relentless bass line. cool ending.

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You guys jamming is great listening. That organ has doors to infinity and beyond all over it. Digging this, good to see you both a decade (DECADE) later. Hugs to both.

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Love the Groove. It grabs you right at the Bass and pulls you up and over the top with the Keys... Nice drummer too.
Russ Smile

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Hot stuff, in lots of different ways! Tried figuring out the time signature but then gave up and just enjoyed the groove.