Down To The Dreamin'

Down To The Dreamin'

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Liner Notes: 

These lyrics by @Kristi deeply resonated with me on multiple levels and certainly deserve more than I am capable of. Hopefully this is a case where feeling and meaning overcome limitations. Original lyric only post is here . Thanks again to Kristi for this collaboration.


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Guitar chords: Aaug - xo322x; C#m - x46654; D4 - xxx232; D#4 - xxx343; E - o221oo; G6 - 32oooo; A - xo222o; G - 32ooo3; D - xxo232;

Verse (Plucking 12_)
The shine on the lake
Looks so fake
Oh the sun can be blinding
Somehow it finds me

The faint crescent moon
Inspires a tune
Sliver of light to hang on
Before it is gone

While the world twists and turns
Spreads a few germs

[ch] arpeggio
It comes down to the dreamin’
Eternal fun seekin’
To duel the demons at hand
It comes down to believin’
We’re here for a reason
Doin’ the best we can

There’s always a clock
Relentless tick tock
That could frazzle my nerves
But I hear songbirds

There’s plenty of rules
And ships of fools
People who bring me down
But I play around

While the world spins and shakes
What will it take

Repeat [ch]

I do alright, day to day
But I’m not super human
I feel, I fear, I cry, I heal
Cuz I just keep on movin’

(Strum) Repeat 1st lift, ch

©2019 Kristi McKeever

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this is a very original arrangement and a m.uch more interesting interpretation of the lyrics than if you had simply sung it. i love the way it is always morphing into something else, and so often on the edge of breaking out into song.

I have always said you do performance art well.

coolparadiso's picture

Its really unique style, seems to be developing even more. I would know its you from 1 bar in!

tcelliott's picture

I can see why you were attracted to this lyric, I like it very much. And your use of open sounding chords works pretty darn well.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Why does that C# minor sound so great each time? Gives me chills. Nice job interpreting these great lyrics. Super!!

jcollins's picture

Reading the lyrics now...lots of great visuals...nice chorus...yeah people bringing us down can be a bummer. Great job on these lyrics Kristi. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Cool guitar intro...moody vocals work nicely. Nice lift. Chorus works nicely. I hear a soft drum in the back. Yeah, people who bring me down....while the world spins and shakes. It comes down to the dreamin' hook. Nice. Love the uplift on the bridge. Nice bass in there too. Good job Andy!

Adnama17's picture

I think this lyrics call for the "less is more approach". Too much would be distracting from them. Those bridge lyrics got me teary eyed.
What would you think about speeding this up, just a smidge? I love the chords you used. Some of my faves.
Good stuff!

splittybooms's picture

Excellent lyrics by @Kristi...makes me reflect on the same downs she describes in my own life, but then also uplifts and encourages. Very positive stuff with a core thats pretty moving in my opinion.
The way you've delivered it, with your theatrical and dramatic but also everyman and just-having-a-conversation tone...this all works well.
I think it was more emotive for me being presented this way than it would have been in a traditional song. More...poignant. And you highlighted the uplifting parts and gave them more "light" and "happier" chords/strumming and vocals.
This was excellent.

Kristi's picture

Thanks again, Andy, for giving this lyric life! Very reflective and contemplative....the guitar lifts it up nicely in the bridge. It's fun to hear the guitar interpreting the words too!

Chip Withrow's picture

Inspired guitar chord progression, and the vocal delivery takes great care with the words. I like that lightly insistent tambourine too.
And what words - hard-earned wisdom, determination, and lovely rhyming.

Klaus's picture

I like the eery mood and haunting feeling of the music and the way dissonant verses build tension that is then released in the chorus. "It comes down to the dreaming" is a very good hook both musically and lyrically and when it comes it has a tremendous effect. Kristi's lyrics "oscillate" between pessimism and optimism and the music emphasis the former in a fascinating way. This is a really successful collab.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very interesting, atmospheric, unpredictible and moody song, beautiful and exciting to listen to. Very cool collaboration.