Waiting for Barry

Waiting for Barry

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Liner Notes: 

Just waiting for all the rain they are predicting. It's actually not too bad right now where I live.Power's still on, and wind is gusting strong every now and then. Feeling thankful, and hoping towns to the west come out okay. Lyrics fail me at the moment.



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A lovely listen as I watch the landfall on radar. I hope to hear more from you. Having experienced hurricane force winds from Charley and Irma (almost hurricane force from Wilma) and multiple tropical storm force winds over 50 years in SW FL I have only the best wishes to folks on the north Gulf coast esp in Louisiana.

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Sorry to come so late to your Hurricane Party. I was forced to spend a couple of weeks in Spain! Nice aggressive guitar piece suited to the subject, and of course like all hurricanes it calms down in the end.