Right Here

Right Here

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Liner Notes: 

I was at my cousin Donnie's place earlier today recording/ mixing with him. I came across @splittybooms track and was like - hold up, Donnie. We gotta make a track like this. Well...we didn't. He wasn't feeling what I was doing so he went off and watched something on Netflix. Meanwhile, I made this track as I was working on a few ideas for some folks here at FAWM. Definitely more to do with this, track, but with all that I'm trying to accomplish, I'll pretty it up later. All my immediate ideas are upfront in the song. Put headphones on, too. Sounds really nice!

How I did it:
Recorded and mixed with Studio One Professional
Yamaha S series synthesizer
Bass: 5 string Ibanez (CLA bass plugins for fx)
Virtual Instruments: Choir voice, E Piano, Basic house pad
Drum Programming: One shot samples
Various fx
Vocals: me
Mic:Samson C01


Somebody said dreams don't come true
Then again they haven't met u cuz U're right here
Baby U're right here

A wave of love is how U came
U gave me fever when I called your name
U're right here

Don't ever leave/ please say U'll stay
We'll be in love now & always cuz U're right here
U're right here

I'm on a high/ I can't come down
I can't believe this love I found right here
Yes, u're right here

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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Your vocals filling up my head is a nice experience! Sounds great, this complex bed of sound, and the lyrics are perfect for it. I especially like “A wave of love is how U came” - playing with the typical order, and the image right up front.

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Such groove to that bassline.
The smoothness of the delivery of these lyrics.
LOVE the pad used.
(did I mention that bassline? lol)
Definitely picking up what you puttin' down here...this has smooth old school r&b vocals on top of these chill pads, a simple but effective driving beat, and that grooving bassline. Great sound.
Love the background vox that kinda peek out from under the pad - I know you said this isn't finished, but that specifically is one aspect I hope you keep (the seating of those background vox in relation to the pad).
Man - I totally had flashbacks when you described how your cuz just said "nah" and watched netflix lolol
I also have a producer/rapper cousin and I once was making music in their room and they just went to sleep lol
It be like that sometimes...

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Yeah the music lifts up nice and the lyrics smoothly roll over it. Nice listen

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Great to hear you again! What a delicious groove, and you're in fine voice, too. You create this amazing vibe that is smooth yet propulsive, urgent yet slow-burn hypnotic. And so many sounds to bounce and swoosh around my brain. Wow!

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Gorgeous vocals and that sound just envelopes my head and makes me *feel* it. This is cool. If/when you throw some turtle wax on it and make it shine, I'd like to hear it.

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A head nodding, cool song to me, that bass is really mellow and the vocals are spot in for this type of music. I guess I kind of missed a snare at some point, but that's personal taste. Oh, and I just read you're going to pretty things up. This song has style and it's recognizable, I enjoyed it!

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I like how the music swirls in my head listening to this! Great production and it makes you want to get up and dance. Really smooth sounding and I enjoyed the vocals too.

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Wow, this is both smooth and mellow but also full of energy and excitement at the same time. It has a great enveloping feel, sweeping us away in its ocean of awesome. I hope your cousin feels suitably ashamed at having missed his chance to be part of such a cool track!

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OK, now I'm getting your work. It's all good. It is a great track.

You spec so much, and collab, I get you are OK with what one may be hearing, want to know? Since is worth the time to comment I would, but won't chance it until I know better for sure. To many folks get really pissed off that way when one least expects it Smile and all one intended was "fyi" for what it's worth. But, you been here 9 years... wow; so Uno!

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Really huge sounds here, love synth bed. Love story, found love right here, right now. Great sound, great vocal.

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Now that I know, I can see you with the music in your mind and the ideas in your eyes and the microphone in your hand, such a new way to experience your music, knowing more of where it is blooming..........Great rhythm, very soothing and can understand the overall feeling you are getting across.

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Looking at the lyrics...ah, we meet our dream girl. Face to face now. The next part...don't ever leave. The last part admits it is love...lol. That works, nice job on that. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. beat...4 on the floor...some kind of sweep...snare off to the side...driving bass now...synth sound...bass groove now...sounds good...sweep...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...you're right here...background vocals...that works...guitar on the side...swirling pads...the bass is still jamming away...vocals again now...cuz you're right here...sounds good...good melody...I'm on a high can't come down...yeah yeah...right here...sounds good. background vocals again...sweep and out. Great job on this cts, I think it's an awesome song and demo.