No Banjos in Heaven?

No Banjos in Heaven?

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I was trying to work on another song but this one wanted written. Would love someone to pick it up with lots of banjo

Chip: Cindy let me know about this fun set of lyrics, and I knew I had to come up with something! I added the accordion/didgeridoo verse. Other than that, Cindy's words were made for my banjo plucking. (And how about that rumble of thunder during the intro?)


No Banjos in Heaven?
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Some say there won't be tubas
Some say no bagpipes
Others say no banjos
But I'm sayin' that ain't right

Some say there won't be drums
Some say no cowbell
But if there's no banjos
I just may have to go down to hell

What no banjos?
No pickin' angels?
Who wants to hear only harps?
No el banyo?
Just pianos?
That's gonna break pickers hearts

Some say no accordion
no polkas in the clouds
some say a didgeridoo
is surely not allowed

Some say there won't be triangles
Some say no bassoons
If there ain't gonna be banjos
When I die I'm going to the moon

Repeat chorus

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that last line is hilarious, good concept and even better development of it. it reminded me of what an old blues man from south carolina told me about guitars in the church. it is not an instrument that the congregation can easily harmonize on. thats why god made the organ.

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Fun! Yes, I'll have a go at putting this one to music. I think I already have a tune for it ...

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I just now saw the whole song on here! It's fabulous! I hope others will see it too-delightful-thanks!

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Chip brings Cindys lyrics to life. The song is even more hilarious with the banjo right there in the mix.

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I adore that chorus ! It's just brilliant, and Chip has musicated it perfectly.

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Really fun lyrics, impeccably delivered by Mr. W. This one had me smiling, even though there is not a single banjo in my collection!

That ominous rumble of thunder might be taken as a sign of disagreement with the sentiment, though. Smile

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I love the banjo! This is a fun lyric and Chip did a great musical interpretation of them.

Great collab, lyrics are fun and that el banyo rhyme, good job making that one. The track is fun, the chorus with the first line as a question, and the banjo itself. Just a fun well made tune!

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Cindy comes up with the most fun ideas! Love the whimsy and lighthearted feel ("no polkas in the clouds") The music and banjo playing complement the tone with flair! I enjoyed the playfulness in the vocal melody. Fun song!

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Please tell me you're familiar with Curtis Eller. If not, check him out. I feel this song so hard! If any of those instruments are banned then I'm out. I'm going wherever Pete Seeger and Jim Henson are because that's where the best people are.

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This is splendid! I listened without reading along and was delighted as the little story unfolded. No tubas? No triangle? Yeah, just send me to hell. Love it