The Longest Bow

The Longest Bow

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Liner Notes: 

This song explores child protection, the lies told to children to keep them in place, be that foster care, emergency care or whatever is required to keep them under control given they can't be with their both family for some reason. Don't get me wrong lots of good people work in this space, but a lot of children become more damaged by the system and choose to live on the streets than in this type of care around the World.


The Longest Bow

Just like the longest bow,
Her heart was caught in a quiver
The truth had been stretched beyond belief more than one child should know

Apples and a bent arrow,
Who will pull the boys trigger,
Staring so still for the term of his life
What love has he been shown.

Chorus: Faces roll through the years as they pass
Crescents and rows, gravel and grass
Most of them houses while she dreams of home.
Long rainy days and playgrounds so grey,
Tummies churning for a brand new school day
Wondering what new truth they’ve never been told.

No thought of tomorrow, thoughts can’t waiver or splinter.
The day is so thick with adults new tricks and some crazy they will sow.


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interesting metaphor i the title for this omnipresent problem in raising children, entrusting them to others, very pretty guitar, vocal and melody.

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A very difficult topic to address. Well done. Like the folksy feel.

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‘Most of them houses while she dreams of home’ is a powerful line. I agree it’s a controversial topic but a noble idea to put this in song.