Goodbye to Me

Goodbye to Me

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Liner Notes: 

ive been writing a lot of songs recently that are more interesting to me musically than lyrically. i have, always loved this kind of music but havent written much of it lately, so im interested to hear comments on whether or not my fellow songwriters thimk it is any good,


That was a long time ago
Both of us know
You are stoppping by
Just to say hello
But whats the use?
Honey, cant you see?
I cant say hello to you
because you never said goodbye to me
I dont have time for coffee
I dont have time to chat
I dont have time to reminisce
About this or that
And Im sure you are busy too
With things I cannot see
And I cant say hello to you
When you never said goodbye to me

The night you left
Was one of kisses and champagne
But in the morning you were gone
Never to return again

I dont regret the time we spent
In each others company
But if I say hello again
It will bb the death of me
Why should I say hello to you?
You never said goodbye to me
Hello..goodbye..they have no place
In twiight memories

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Bill this song is literally my life! I LOVE "I cant say hello to you because you never said goodbye to me" - Fantastic style too. Really well done. My favorite song of yours for sure

Yes, it “works”. — Sent you a detailed msg or will.

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I think this works musically very well. The chord changes and the shuffle rhythm, the dramatic stops, are like early soul or early American '60s mainstream ( white ) pop. Those are wonderful periods in popular music. Of course, genres and categorizations are always a bit tricky and matters of taste.

Lyrically the "can't say hello..." is great and the song feels more like deliberate, chosen style than "fluff".

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Yes it works. For some reason it reminds me of mid 1960s Gene Chandler, especially the bridge. I did notice your last few songs didn't seem to be as concerned by lyrics. I think this is a great idea. The idea of this song works beautifully, very neatly put together.

A well written song like this, requires skill at writing the lyrics too, it's just a slightly different sort of skill. Interesting to hear how things progress in this direction.

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Great stuff, Bill. I am enjoying you 10-fold this "season", and remember--I was already a fan. You're doing it all lyrically, musically, and your vocals are terrific!

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Now i hear the Elvis influence back! Subtle but there. I like the lyric flow in this and it balances nicely against that slightly different beat. Nice

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Very nice, mate, I do like this one. Echoes of great 60's pop soul coming through strong here, and of course you have the vocal chords to make a lovely job of it.
I don't hear many people who can sell a song so well with just a simple guitar backing and vocal.

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Very beautiful sad song where lyrics and music are connected and music brings the story to live. The story is full of painful memories and aching heart and the music with the expressive chords and soaring beautiful vocals take the lyrics to the next level. Once heard, never forgotten.

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This is good but I do love your lyrical writing very much. Especially when you tear down political issues to a heartfelt musical experience.

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Great title and concept. I can hear this with electric piano and vibes. Vocal melody reminiscent of classic pop/soul. The hello/goodbye back-and-forth really well done. Vocals wonderful, as always!

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i like the perky clipped guitar part which works really nicely with the reverb on the snappy stops. nice vibe to this all round, catchy, can imagine a jazzy combo treatment of this.