My Heart's Gone Too

My Heart's Gone Too

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Liner Notes: 

Basically saw this, picked up a guitar and recorded. Some words and changes are a bit sloppy, but was fun to play! Cheers Alex!

@metalfoot's fake it challenge:

Here's the FAKE IT Challenge rules:
1) The complete lyric and chords are enclosed in this image. Have at it!
2) When you have a completed song, use the tag #fakeit (don't use the # when posting, but you have to use it here to search the song database!) on your posted song and link it in this thread -- so that we can see what you've done.
3) DO NOT ADD metalfoot as a collab partner. I don't consider this a collab so much as a game.

I'll add my version when a few others have been posted.

Here 'tis:


see pdf link above

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like this version! Feels like a good pace. I like the melody you made and the interpretation you did. Considering that yours came out under 5 minutes (unlike my take - a dirge!), maybe this was more what like @metalfoot had in mind when he wrote this? All in all a good version.

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One take and LET IT RIP! Fun version! Enjoyed my listen.

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Rock on! This is very peppy! Wish I could play guitar. Super strumming here!

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Yes this is like the much faster version I secretly wanted to do after posting my first go one take improv. One takes!

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This is so punk and vital. A great take on the challenge.