A Song About Several Ways To Kill Yourself

A Song About Several Ways To Kill Yourself

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Oh dear. it's a beautiful song...but you are scaring me. Sad One of my student's committed suicide a year ago. It was awful. Your voice is beautiful and your guitar playing is too. I'm 69 years old and life is better than ever for me even though I have aches and pains. I wish everyone could know that there is always hope. Sigh. Keep making beautiful music like this...it's very therapeutic.

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Wow man, that's beautiful. Great guitar playing too.

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Really beautiful song. Some of the words are difficult to hear (in more ways than one), so I like to be able to read them as I listen. Be ok - this has a great feel, its a nice song. Also heartbreaking.

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Wow! You play guitar like a wizard. I love the way you filled up and thinned out the guitar layers throughout the song. Death, searching for meaning: we are studying that in my psychology class: good to put it on the table and talk about it while there is still time.