'Feeling Blue In a Faraway Land'

'Feeling Blue In a Faraway Land'

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Liner Notes: 

My next challenge "Creative Whack Pack" posted by @Pearlmanhattan was to Make a metaphor. Well, I took an easy way out so just used the idea of a metaphor as an inspiration. Went on Google and one of the examples was feeling blue so I ran with it. I might though think about some other ideas and create another song but here is my instrumental. Like in my first take on the challenge, I used a Gypsy scale but a different variety so although it's also with raised 4th, the minor is natural, not harmonic. Thank you for listening. It's open to collabs if you hear potential for it.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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this is quite interestng, and would make a memorable theme in a more orchestrated work.

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very interesting piece - has an almost asiany feel about it - probably the scale design - some style of pentatonic - nice whatever

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Hi Nadia. What are you playing there? It sounds as if the strings are plucked, not struck. It's an attention grabbing tempo/pacing you have there. Seems like it wants to go faster, but keeps holding back. A bit of sonic tension.

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Ooh what a very interesting sound! It’s staccato almost jarring feel to the ears makes you sit up and take notice. I like it a lot! It did sound like a pizzicato string instrument as opposed to a keyboard patch. You could use this for movie cues!

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I get a mysterious tone from it. It also feels adventurous. It could be the backdrop for many movies scenes I think. Actually, it could fit into many scenarios really....nice work, Nadia!

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This is rather introspective. I found it to be quite relaxing, actually. I have heard a few pieces this early morning that caused me to think about simply relaxing. Thank you for your offering.