Jump Run Fly

Jump Run Fly

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Liner Notes: 

A song about the ambivalence you have before a relationship

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Really enjoyed this. Very nice singer-songwriter kind of piece. Good clear emotional vocals , nice guitar playing on the acoustic. Yeah enjoyed listening to this. Thanks for sharing!

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I knew this was gonna be good before I listened
because you're great at this

in my head I do what you are doing in this video
to just sit there and play and sing like that is incredible

I really really enjoyed this great voice melody

hope you're up to collab this year
and see something of mine that hits you


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Strong performance. Very hopeful. I like that rising progression - it definitely lifts. Beautiful playing.

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Had to listen to another one of yours. You seem like you might have some of the same influences and vibe as I do. It's cool that I get to watch you perform, get to see what you're doing on guitar. The wistful, reflective, soulful guitar/vocal combo is absolutely right for the subject matter of the lyrics. I dig it!