Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

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Liner Notes: 

A song of self consciousness.


If I asked you out and you said no I'd say "I expected that"
and if you asked why I did I'd say "it was a joke"

You gotta make yourself seem cool, unaffected
and if it ever goes your way, unexpected
You gotta be chill and have the will
You're gonna lose
But what if you win? - Well I never planned for that

If I showed you my song and you hated it, well, so do I
and if you asked why I showed it I'd say "just for a laugh"

You gotta make yourself seem cool, unaffected
and if it ever goes your way, unexpected
You gotta be chill and have the will
You're gonna lose
But what if you win? - Well I didn't expected that

Oh ya expect to lose, but I don't want to lose
I hate it for security, for the joke I cast on me

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Great song, which I didn’t expect, well orchestrated even, well done; you win!

jcollins's picture

I like this a lot...great guitar and vocals. Especially like the chorus and drums are so cool. A great track and one of the best songs I've heard this year. The mix is awesome (I have the headphones on). I can't pinpoint what I like the best actually. I like your message and I like your demo. Terrific lyrics and vocals...just a great job all around. Congratulations on a superb demo.

billwhite51's picture

the sense of drama makes me think of meat loaf, but i like your musical style much better than his. this is like cutting open a tom petty song and watching the guts fall out.

Ggallagher's picture

This is fantastic! Great structure, quality arrangement, feels like it could easily be a song that has popped up on my radio while driving and it’s a super great driving song. Dig it.

Drive By Love Fest's picture

Really love the theme here. The lyrics are so revealing of someone who does not want to be revealing. Singing about secrets; creating intrigue! Nice.

coolparadiso's picture

Excellent concept well delivered. I read the lyrics first and liked them and was interested to see how you would deliver! Well was the answer!

benjo's picture


I think you really got a winner here alright
I love everything about this,
the lyric seems just so natural and true to life
very very clever writing and thought process
the beat and music spot on
the vocal got better and better the further it went

I hope you do collabs and something of mine
hits you,

a standing ovasion from me

Klaus's picture

Great playing and arrangement. But the lyrics really shine here. I like the honesty and vulnerability in a rock song context. It's a bit like The Who. The line " But what if you win? - Well I never planned for that" is best though. Being so used to not getting what you want, it's heartbreaking.

Ferry Colyer's picture

I'm hearing The Who influences too, because of the drums and acoustic guitar, reminding me of 'Tommy'. This is pretty great. That 'cool and unaffected' is really cool. It's got a very energetic drive which works very well.

This is so good!! The message is really relatable, the melody is catchy, and the variety of sounds in the instrumentation adds a lot of interest as well. I especially like the line "Well I never planned for that", something about the way that it hits just before that short instrumental section is just really satisfying to listen to. Excellent work!

Kristi's picture

I like: "You gotta be chill and have the will"....good advice in there. I like the conversational questioning and tone...makes you think. The vocal is totally invested and the music carries it off! Nicely done!

Silver Machine's picture

Just a great song here, mate, no requirement for solos and other crowd pleasers.
It really connected with me, those teenage years of infatuation, rejection and humiliation leave an indelible mark on you.
I liked the low register vocal here. Excellent, you get stronger all the time.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Really drenched in power pop melody and catchy as heck. Riff at 2:20 or so my fave. And some of your best lyrics and vocals!

darcistrutt's picture

Wonderful mix of sounds. Good rock 'n roll song! The lyric are very touching and universal. Well done!