Only patriotic

Only patriotic

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Liner Notes: 

This was written as a sort of companion piece to the mandolin-driven thing I just posted before ,'When Caleb Cain fell down an alt-right rabbit hole'.

This one is a little more straight-ahead, I think.

Also an excuse to exercise my not-so-great flatpicking banjo chops.

Played on a five string banjo that has that short fifth string tuning assembly missing/broken, so its a four string for now.



You know I love this country that is the US of A
I’m just not in love with some things happening today
Why are we separating children, from their families?
Its only patriotic to speak out against this insanity

Hatemonger in the white house, thinks he’s above the law
While most of the country knows the deal they get is raw
We’ve seen obstruction of justice, but that don’t matter to the GOP
But its only patriotic to speak out against this insanity

If Obama or Clinton had done even one of these acts
There’d be impeachment and conviction, sorry but that’s the facts
I could just go on and on, describing this altered reality
Its only patriotic to speak out against this insanity

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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Really nice banjo work here.
Wow, wonderful solo!
Great chord progression.
You know, as a Canadian, I can only look south and shake my head.
Good luck with the next election! Smile

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Enjoyed the song. I particularly like banjo.

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The hook line is brilliant. A political song on banjo: Mike Skliar proudly takes the torch passed by Pete Seeger.