Let Us, With a Gladsome Mind

Let Us, With a Gladsome Mind



Liner Notes: 

John Milton, 1623 was 15 y.o. paraphrased Passages into his personal poems, then published later in as many as 476 Hymnals. Rewritten yet again, by me today 11July2019, music and lyrics. (hymnary .org/text/let_us_with_a_gladsome_mind)

Performance note:
My initial music engaged E Major and E Locrian (3rd degree) scales played simultaneously on the D, G strings with the remainder as open and sympathetic. I used to map out what that looked like, but does look ugly over the lyric as "lead-sheet" so I do not do that here.

So!, how did THAT happen you ask!? Well:
I actually, until today had not played this song since circa 2005 when first musicated it. Why did I? Well, because no one was "available" to teach/mentor/assist me, so I plowed through text and ofter found "text" to which, per the melody of the spoken word then musicated it, -- as with this one. Many were funeral prayers spoken by pastors of long gone folks, prayers, or poems found in very old books (I've worked around many Archives in my life). So, anyway, I was reading an article on *JIMI HENDRIX, analysis of things he had engaged and this scale was commented... easy enough Smile So I double stopped it, power chorded it and use ALL OF IT Smile hahhh... and it fit these words.

So, derUgo!!

So, today I wanted to engage a pub dom thing, and had this on my "pile" of to revisit for 5090 and did so over lunch today. It's a one take, again not played in 14 years, so, no drum track for sure! Hahhh! Then did a quick overdub of accented 12 Str and simple Bass and since my Tele (weird little guitar, direct in, dry, -- no less!), was out from yesterday, wacked a few of those notes in too.


Let us with a, glad – some mind, Praise the Lord, for He is kind
For His mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure. A – men

Let us sound His, Name a – broad, for of gods, He is the God
He with all commanding might, filled the new made world with light [Amen - added]

[Removed today for brevity as music for possible intro to other]
[For His mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure. A – men]

All things living, He doth feed, His full hand supplies their need
Let us then with, glad – some mind, praise the Lord, for He is kind [Amen - added]

[Removed today for brevity as music for possible intro to other]
[For His mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure. A – men]

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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metalfoot's picture

Familiar with the old text, for sure; a really pleasant musical treatment to it here for sure. Enjoyed my listen a lot!

musicsongwriter's picture

Brilliant song. Such a wonderful listen. Enjoyed your take on public domain challenge. I might have a go too at some point.

billwhite51's picture

Love the music but cant stand Milton. You sing it well though

Tim Fatchen's picture

Wretched thing isn't playing for me...tried your chords out, will sound good (says the ex-Church and erstwhile Cathedral organist, even if it was the smallest Cathedral in the Anglican communion). EDIT typical! as soon as this posts, the internet delivers. Yes, sounds good indeed. The free feel is lovely. (Wouldn't work with an undirected congregation, mind!)

Chip Withrow's picture

When I saw the title, I knew public domain, and assumed hymn.
You achieve chorale majesty with just guitar and vocal and a bit of effect - quite an accomplishment. Now I feel like I've been to church today - first Sunday in a while.

jcollins's picture

Wow, 1623 was a long time ago. I read the lyrics but I can't tell what tweaks on that are. However, I like what is said here. I'm ready to listen to the audio now. Oh, and great liner notes. Hold. Guitar intro sounds great. Good melody and vocals. Nice guitar playing. I hear the overdubs...adds another dimension. Yeah, this is really good. Great job with this. I'm going to play it one more time while reading the lyrics. Hold. Yeah, it sounded even better the second time. Great job on this.