Chaos goes by too fast - a collaboration with my sons and I

Chaos goes by too fast - a collaboration with my sons and I

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Liner Notes: 

I had written and recorded two songs for 50/90 so far and then felt this tremendous internal pressure to find space to write while simultaneously being frustrated by constant interruptions by my kiddos. Today I decided to include and incorporate them. I gave my 6 year old son free reign of the Garage Band loops and the voice distortions. He and my 8 year old son added alarms, beats they liked, table banging, conversation, riffs and general (loud - brace yourself and probably don't listen with headphones) noises and talking. They think "louder" is hilarious and better. Then I added lines at the end. I can't separate what I do musically from these people I live with. I am shaped by them and made better. This song won't be for everyone but I love the madness and beauty of making music while living life.

* Update! When I mixed it down, I didn't realize how many of the tracks I had muted to record the last bits. I added them back in and updated the track.


Chaos goes by too fast

(c) Ariana Terrell Evans, J Evans and P Evans 2019

(absolute chaos for awhile)
The days are long, the years fly by too fast
The days are long, the nights are longer but the years fly by too fast
My body gets weak, my heart grows stronger and the days and the years go by too fast

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living life indeed! great fun, and its great the kids are getting into making music.... yeah, hopefully the 'louder is better' will pass !
nicely done! and classic 50/90 'what can I make out of this chaos' solution!

great vocal bit at the end, btw- that could be expanded into a great acapella song, too...

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actually, I love this. The samples mixed with the live voices of the people. And then some massive bass groove. This might be the best thing I've heard tonight.

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This is pretty interesting, it's a mix of chaos and a general strange tone. The conversation sounds are pretty wild, that high tone oof. Amusing track, and then a vocal at the end.

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Hey-- I also have kids who help me with music making from time to time! This is fun and frantic all at once.

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The chaos came together so wonderfully. I mean, based off of how you described the song being created, this is fantastic. Your voice is awesome!

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This is so funny. It totally paints a picture of life with little kids. Beautiful voice!

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I'm sure Peter's face does not stink.
Gotta do what you gotta do, regardless of what's going on around you - so kudos on taking the situation and making something fun (especially for the kids) and that you can look back on and have forever.
Sooooo, couldn't ignore that funky little bassline...and then you just put those soulful soft vocals on top.

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For the me title reminds me of how fast my children grew up and left the house (multiple times, in fact, but that's another story.) I like the semi-controlled chaos. I've been toying with noise rock and experimental ideas a little in the off season and completely like the beautiful mess you all have created.

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Chaos indeed. Then it comes down to the synth bass and the chaos is in the background. I'm imagining it's a sound painting of your life. Enjoy.

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This is a quirky and fun slice of reality! I love the energy of those boys! Reminds me of when my sons were that age! And yes, those years go way to fast. My youngest starts college next week and my oldest hopefully graduates from college next spring.