Forgive Myself

Forgive Myself

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Liner Notes: 

Started back in November, but finally finished it up with the proper edits because of a weekly skirmish group on Facebook.


Forgive Myself
(c) 2019
Deanna Sweidel

Trying to forgive myself
But I cannot seem to get there
The pain I caused, the heartbreak
Like no one’s feelings I could spare

Trying to forgive myself
But it’s harder every day
I see you moving on with life
And that’s keeping me away

I’m trying to forgive
But I never can forget
And every day I hold onto
Pure misery, regret

Trying to forgive myself
But I cannot seem to just let go
The loss I took, the loneliness
Like no one else would know

Trying to forgive myself
But easier said than done
Can we rewind our history
Move back to us as one


I’d take it back 100 times
But that bridge already crossed
And getting back to what we had
May be already lost


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Aw.... *hugs*

Definitely a tearjerker for me, anyway.

Acousticmaddie's picture

Great song of regrets. Has a bluesy feeling in it. Sometimes you cant make it right and have to move on anyway. HUGS

Roel van Veldt's picture

Hey Deanna, this lyric spoke to me immediately and it inspired me for some music. Could I be your collab for this song?
Thanks! Biggrin

§ Roel

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Ah yes that forgive but not forget thing. It’s a toughie for most of us! Easier said than done. Relatable lyrics!