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Liner Notes: 

Beware all ye who enter the FAWM Slack chat room! Within it's bowels is pure mischief, bizarre frivolity, utter chaos, bountiful camaraderie, and often, random kismet lyrics. You've been warned!

This was a product of a random bit of conversation. This lyric's a joint product, though mostly adnama's ideas, I'd say. I just gave them a bit of shape and form and then she turned it into the bit of wonder that you hear!


I really, really love my naps
I love every kind of nap
When it comes to genres of naps
I guess you could say
I’m just a fan of naps

I love
Cat naps
Power naps
Afternoon naps

Short naps
Sleep off a hangover nap

Bed naps
Toddler temper tantrum naps

I love
Long naps
Hammock naps
Caffeine crash naps

Little kid falling asleep in food naps

Especially love a good food coma nap

I love
Sofa naps
Arm chair
And grandpa’s lap naps

Watching the clouds and drifting off naps

A snuggly new baby nap

But my favorite nap of all
Is cuddling in bed with you
I can finally rest my eyes
And drift away in your arms

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You certainly love those naps. And i dare enter but when i do everyone else is asleep! Nice one!

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Yeah, I'm definitely with you on this one.
I like how you guys tie it all together with the "cuddling" bit.
"Genres of naps" lol.
Lovely appealing uke playing.
Great collab!

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Had a feeling I'd dig this based on the title.
What can I say...awesome lyrics! Comedic but very relatable and anthem-like.
I say anthem-like, but its quite perfect with a great voice and a uke.
This can be millions of peoples' theme song. Seriously...this needs to get out there in the world; it will be loved.

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It is about that time here. I like how you slow down at then end, like settling in for one. It never occurred to me that there were so many different types of naps!

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Yes, the cleverness is strong in the nap-naming, but for me the best payoff in this song is the way you sing “naps” at the end of each chorus. It’s the sweetest!!

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Smile The list of nap types is a perfect form. Clever idea. I particularly like the slower tempo refrain as a contrast and the way the melody ends on the third of the scale--- sweeter and sleepier than the root or fifth.

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Fun topic and concept for a song! You cover it all with the naps! Grandpa's lap naps is sweet and the others roll of the tongue and sing so well! Great, creative effort! And I like the playful vocal and uke! Well done.

Mosley's picture

Nice one Smile I love “genres of naps” haha I dig it

AndyGetch's picture

Yeah the chat is all about naps. My favorite nap of all Smile

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Cute collab. I love chats that transform into lyric. Yes...and to two music people everything has a genre! Fun listen!

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I can find no fault in this song at all. I like the delicate feel in the uke and melody which makes me smile... of course, I'm a bit tired and could use a... erm, right.

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This is sweet, and fun.

Naps are what got me through this summer! Mine used to be predominantly food coma naps; now, sadly, they're just "completely bloody knackered" naps...