Into A Dark Blue Lake

Into A Dark Blue Lake

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Liner Notes: 

Was kindof stuck today so I randomly picked chords by closing my eyes, flipping open to a page and pointing (to three different pages) in a U2 songbook. Then I started noodling around with the progression and this vibe and lyric idea emerged from the music. Also seemed appropriate to give the bridge to my inner critic for the multiple voices challenge. For the second voice I partially covered my mouth and used the monster vocal effect in Garageband.


remove chords
Into A Dark Blue Lake
Repeat progression
Guitar chords Dm9 - x5776o; Bm - x24432; Em - o22ooo;

{Singer} Descending one ledge at a time a steep cluttered mountainside
Looking into a dark blue lake time to take a dive
Into the latest drama looking for that creature hiding
Trying to drag my spirit down

Whispers from the shadows tales of gloom and darkness
Projecting woe and lament of how calamity is upon us
Tinged with bad intent and how this obviously must
End badly…….. Now

It says
{Inner Critic} Give up
Time to quit
You’ll never amount to much
Never fit
Just shut it

{Singer} Breathing deep the water surrounds cold chill to the bone
Dark shadows on the cave wall stone
Paintings that look like what once felt like home
Tidal wave knocks me …..drown

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a fascinating experimental song. you are ex[ressing some primal things here. its almost like an i ching reading. random yet precise and on target. the sound is that of primeval though patterns emerging....

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I love that strategy for writing a chord progression! Sometimes I rely on randomness to inspire me as well Smile

The mood you achieve here is great; I especially love the guitar arpeggios, and the flanger/phaser effect you use. Very cool!

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I do like the randomness of selection, it certainly takes you different places

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Yeah, the randomness really appeals to me; I like allowing chance to play a part in my music, as well.
Great headphone production.
So swirly and a bit psychedelic.
You know what? It's time to give that inner critic an eviction notice so it will move out of your head.

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Heavy stuff. As a youngster, some tried to give me this message. Fortunately, I was able to tell them to shove it and went on to a happy life.

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Wow this goes deep! Self expression with elements of darkness, fear and aimlessness.

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Enjoyed this. I'm all about "randomness". If I'm stuck for an idea, I've literally got a spreadsheet or two (or I use a book) to randomly select a random songs to "steal" chord progressions or arrangements from. Otherwise, I fear that my songs would all sound alike. Yours don't!! Smile

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Enjoying the music, with it’s ethereal atmosphere, as an effective backing for the introspection and hunt for the destructive creature of the psyche. Cool alteration of the second vocal. The musical shift after the sinister Inner Critic speaks really gives that swirling ether effect a chance to shine behind the single guitar strums and that adds to the dizzying sense of being overcome. Interior mental processes: definitely a cast of characters to draw on for the multiple voices challenge.