'A Cloudy Journey'

'A Cloudy Journey'

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Liner Notes: 

Here is my take on a challenge "Creative Whack Pack" posted by @Pearlmanhattan
Mine was 54/gypsy/support, I chose gypsy scale for my piece. I was listening to a few gypsy scales on youtube and chose this one: harmonic minor scale with rased 4th. I like this scale a lot, it sounds to me more interesting than natural minor with rased 4 and then other scales I was listening to although I also love double harmonic but I've used double harmonic in the past so went for the new for me scale. Thank you for listening.

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Music does have a bit of a mysterious and eastern feel to it. Gentle string sounds and midtempo gives the impression of a movement just like in a caravan. It's a bit sad but beautiful too.

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Gypsying is right down my line Nadia--I like it Even wrote some stuff,I,ll let you know if i think it might possibly work but dont hold up on my account And thanks for looking at Nod

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Hop uou got my message--i seemed to be messing up something

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This places me in some ancient town with peddlers and caravans (like Klaus mentions) and shops...people everywhere. Its evening and the sun is going down. There's mystery, adventure and perhaps even a bit of danger (thanks to those minor keys)!
I didn't even know there was a gypsy scale. Nice job with utilizing it making it sound good.

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I can feel the gypsy in there, nice take on the challenge!!