We're the Fucking Band

We're the Fucking Band

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Liner Notes: 

I built it out of a scribbled 5 min write; and then as I worked on it (overdubs), as my day went on (during breaks) "krappe" just sorta popped up/in, no time really, and so it went in (tail end lyric got edited 'cause it fit); from the one-take acoustic, then overdubbed 'till done Smile

The droning, march thing just sort of pushed itself on it; so added the electric chord slam (Japanese Telecaster w/2 PAF's, nice crunch, and weird guitar Smile ).

If I had more of a Punk voice, I'd've gladly screamed it Smile (But, -- I try to avoid "recording" anything, I may never be able to "do" -- just in case Wink )

So, derUgo!


We're not revolutionaries, we're the fucking band
We sing our songs. just for you, just consume’em man
And pay us with your love-and-sweat, and oh, money too

Don't elevate, to your saviors, stand oh no
Here 3 days next week, prepaid not checks, no not from you
It's hysterical the hysteria, and oh, the megalomania

And you all used to look quite like Transylvania
Now look like Fred Rogers sweet little neighbors too
Who've filled their diapers with crap from screaming hernias

We don't want a revolution, no not now
And didn't know how, to do one, no not then
We do want, our piece of percentage, my good friend

You can even come on stage, and raise your hand
As of, July 8th this year we got seven-hundred-sixty-six, candy dates, grim
But the Highlander rule says, there can be only one

Was there enough to choose from, I only hear from some
They speak of influence, but only, hear ball busting clues
With idiotic, calls from, the small minded clones

Who stomp their feet, and try to cheat, instead of just being won
One America, …
Won… won… won

(c) 2019 ustaknow (alias)

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i was wondering how you were going to musicate this. the marching band idea gives you an effective rhythm to hang it all on.. i like it

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This has a great jam band groove to it. The noodly lead guitar is quite tasty.

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Giving this one a re-listen - I was getting into it, and then there was a knock at the door and the dog started barking ...
This one has an earthy-yet-metallic swagger to it. Gritty attitude to your voice, and lots of cool sounds to enjoy. A departure for you, and a good one, too.

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This is different. I don't normally listen to this style a lot, but I like how this comes across.

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Digging this concept, lots of ways it could go. 766 to be precise Smile