They Say

They Say

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Liner Notes: 

I was intending this as a start to one of the “corpse” pieces, but then I became selfish and thought “I’m sorry, but I’m keeping this!” Lol Smile

A simple piece musically (C, C/B, Am throughout), with what I feel are some lovely lyrics, and yet the instrumentation took a while.

Instrumentation - lead and back vocals, whistling, acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, egg shakers, and knitting needles. Yes, knitting needles!

I hope you enjoy it!



They say that actions speak a thousand words
But then these words mean more with you
You are the one that brightens up my life
With everything you say and do.


They say that hopes are best when shared
And I will share them all with you
For you are the biggest hope I have
And I do hope those dreams come true.


Words and music by Martin Quibell, July 10th 2019.

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this is a tuneful song with unique instrumentation delightfully paced. i especially like the sound of the lead guitar

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Lovely vocals - conveys the lyrics well.

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This is a really lovely tune. Good call being selfish on this one, sir!

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This is a stand out tune Martin! My favourite of 5090 so far. I can hear this played on an ad or film credits. I wouldn’t change a thing. And knitting needles?! That’s such a novel idea! It so works! Quick...patent it Biggrin

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This is a great love song. I love the jangly lead guitar.

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What a jaunty happy little tune!
Lovely lyrics; a really nice love song!
Well done keeping this to yourself - a good decision.
I'm really liking that minimal lead guitar figure.
A really nice way to start my day, thanks!.

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I missed this somehow and I love it! Talk about making somebody smile! So good

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Big ups on the use of something like knitting needles as instruments...dig that kind of thing.
Catchy melody here, and the unique vocal style you did for this is perfect over this music.
Everything is so tight and compact, like an 'everything in its place' sort of thing...that bassline sounds so good with the egg shaker, whistling and the guitar's melodies.
So good...seriously, man.
And yes, awesome lyrics...saying a lot with not many words - these are the kinds of songs and lyrics that I like.
This would make it into my library if it was out on spotify or something.

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Sweet love song, & the whistling is everything--- the low-key feel with big key words.

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This is pretty darn enjoyable! Love the lyrics and the arrangement, thanks for sharing!

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Just wanted to say i really enjoyed your songs this 50/90 and this was one of the best songs i heard