Hard To Forgive

Hard To Forgive

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Liner Notes: 

Songskirmis 167

host Theo Kater
prompt Forgiveness

This was originally done for the Facebook Songskirmish group.The main bits were all written within the hour but the production took a while longer.

For this piece I took the rhythm of "It can seem hard to forgive" and used it, somewhat abstractly, to create the drum part. I also used the 7 syllables of that phrase with the 5 syllables of "Faget about it" (a part of forgiveness) in a 5:7 interference pattern rhythm which is the irritating chirp throughout.

The rest was just chosing what came up and doing what was next.
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record



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Still just as much fun to listen to as it was on the FB Songskirmish group! Biggrin

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Really groovin to this! Lived up to my anticipation reading the description.

Tasty electronica, -- goes down to Low-B, which I love... don't see many doing that. I've even pitch shifted a note or two for texture on regular 4-Str Bass on a demo.
-- Nothing like it, easy to miss, but when it's not there, it's notice-able, -- weird aye! Smile