cape in the family

cape in the family

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Liner Notes: 

Another improv with the Catalytic Perverters. Prior to starting this improv, we were loosely riffing about Joe B wearing a cape and that they were making a comeback (I think that may be a Seinfeld/Larry David reference or I misremember). Anyway, "who wears the cape in the family?" popped into my head, then this song came out.


I left my woman because we couldn't agree
who wears the cape in the family

I said it should be me, she disagreed
I left my woman

I hear they say that capes are coming back in fashion
I say, I never knew that they left it

I left my woman because we couldn't agree
who should wear the cape in the family

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Legitimate grounds for a breakup, I'd say.
I really like your punk(ish) tunes - such attitude!
They sound like they were fun to make, too.
Nice hard rock vox, as well.
Great fun to listen to!

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Larry David wears a cape as Frank Costanza's lawyer - I get that reference!
What a big, rockin' slab of improv - heavy and fun!