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Liner Notes: 

I was typing the word rescued and the idea came. Needs music and vocals.


© 2019 Cindy Prince

Boring life
Day after day
Thought all I needed
Was a man to stay

Dull existence
Very little fun
If I just had a man
If I only had someone

I wanted rescued
I needed relief
I was not fulfilled
That was my belief

I got it all wrong
Never needed a man
I'm perfectly fine
Just as I am

Active life
Done my way
I never needed
A man to stay

Lush existence
Every day great
I'm fine on my own
It's mine to create

2nd Chorus
I wanted rescued
What I needed was me
I'm whole and fulfilled
What a relief

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The phrase "I wanted rescued" feels awkward at first but then on more reflection works well as a way of expressing what it means to want a rescue -- to have that whole package. And then the protagonist's realization that they don't need someone else to rescue them ties off the story neatly.

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Ah yes, the story of finding out that you gotta be your own best friend in life... I love this telling. It expands from a closed sense of almost shame, unfolding into acceptance and even excitement. Lyrically, I think it's strong because it's focused, and doesn't get too flowery. It's right on point. Awesome.

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I can well relate to this story in a lyric. We don't need to be looked after, just that it is nice now and then !
For me, this is a punk lyric. Some attitude in the style of Helen Robertson et al.