You Didn't Rock My World

You Didn't Rock My World

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Liner Notes: 

So I'm a few days late to this skirmish. (It was the Sunday Skirmish by [@corrinne54].) But written in 20 mins - recorded and uploading brought it to 45 mins. Retrospectively I should have ended on the Am7 haha - but I can totally imagine performing this one live. I have a soft spot for writing original jazz pieces...Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit are my heroes. Biggrin


(c) 2019 Georgie Cooper

You didn’t rock my world - you only shook it a little
No You didn’t rock my world - you only shook it a little

Hey Mister Secret I’mma let you keep it
Won’t tell anyone I fell for you
You think you can buy love, well not my love Here’s the truth

You didn’t rock my world - you only shook it a little
No You didn’t rock my world - you only shook it a little

Hey Mister squeaky clean I’mma let you keep your sheen
Won’t tell anyone, anyone…that you had me
You think you deserve love, but not my love
Can’t you see

You didn’t rock my world - you only shook it a little
No You didn’t rock my world - you only shook it a little

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Can definitely see Jessica Rabbit belting this out!!! And once again, I am in awe of you! AMAZE-BALLS song girl!

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cute twist on the prompt and +1 as a potential gig song

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Yes, this song totally hits the sweet spot of your voice and would be a great live track for you, I think. Very sultry feel to the lyrics and melody both.

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Love this! Wish I'd written this one. Excellent marriage of catchy lyric and the blues. Love your voice and the bridge (or verse 2) is spot on. Jealous!

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Reminds me of a Tom Waits thing a bit, that tempo and vibe with the opening chords. Cool character sketch. Mister secret yet squeaky clean, I'm sure there a lot of guys like this, living double or triple lives. And I like that our protagonist doesn't really care and can't be so easily possessed.

Really catchy.

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Excellent vocals and melody.
Some great sangin'!
Totally get that seductive, trouble-making vibe from this; and now of course I've got the vision of Jessica Rabbit or Betty Boop singing it...

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The old style blues feeling works great for this lyric. The stops are very effective. Well sung and played to boot. It's a winner.

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Oh wow! I LOVE this!! My favorite so far on 50/90. Love something Bluesy! Especially Jessica Rabbit style.

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Late but great!!!! Love that wonderful jazzy feel! Your delivery of these lyrics is spectacular! I love ‘you only shook it a little’ and let him ‘keep his sheen’. Great concept for a song.

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Awesome vocal, great song to get out of the inspiration...This is rocking our world

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yay lovely Georgie, love that hook, great jazzy feel and i love your delivery, top (and very quick!) work - nice skirmishing!

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Georgie, you've created another masterpiece! Such an amazing, sweet song, catchy and delicious! I can imagine it in musical. It's very visual and deeply powerful. Brilliant song and delivery. I love the pause near to the end. Great attention to every detail. Love the jazzy vibes.