I Guess I'll Just Wait

I Guess I'll Just Wait

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Liner Notes: 

My goal this 50/90 is to practice making electronic music, but I couldn't resist going back to my comfort zone and doing a piano piece. But hey, I added a bit of electric piano so it's all good. Smile

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love this song! Well done. Catchy, and something I could see myself just laying down to after an edible and really taking this in.

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Instantly into it. THIS is how I wish I could play the keys...
Simply beautiful, wow.
Layering the elec piano underneath the grand...they meld together so nicely.
I love the running, flowing feel of this; like a stream softly rolling along.
Lovely chords under the melodies.
Just listened with eyes closed, headphones on - awesome.
I think you should do 100/90 - 50 electronic songs and 50 piano pieces! lol nah just kidding, but I would not be mad at you doing more of these!

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Having heard the gothic piece first, I have to say, how do you go from this to that. Such command over your style and different inspirations. Very good, this is also full of emotions