Better Late than Never

Better Late than Never

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Liner Notes: 

I had a precious friend go through a really rough divorce this last year and my heart broke for her. As I am working through 50/90, one of my exercises that I am using is to use English idioms to center a song around. This song came from the idiom, "Better late than never" and parts of her story came to mind when I read it. From start to finish, with lots of interruptions today, this was a one day song. The first line of the chorus came to me as I was driving my kids around and after then went to bed, I sat down and wrote it out. So actual writing and recording was about 3 hours, but like all songwriters, this one was churning all day long.


Better Late than Never
Copyright 2019 Ariana Terrell Evans

I'm too old for this
Waiting on a man to change
Waiting for the light to come back into his eyes

I'm too old for this.
Oh you think I would know better
Than to wait for this man of mine to do right

Better late than never
I get myself together
And find my own way, find my own way, find my own way
Back to me

It's so hard to change
Feels like I'm leaving all I've ever know
And I'm gonna walk through this world all alone

But you know it would've been easier to live with sticks and stone
Cause you know I'm only, I'm only flesh and bone

Better late than never
I get myself together
And find my own way, find my own way, find my own way
Back to me

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Beautiful singing and heartfelt performance. I feel for your friend as I've been there and done that too. It is hard to "find my own way" and I can totally relate to this song. Great job! Oh, and nice job getting such a wonderful demo done in one day for a busy mother.

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Wow...this is powerful. The conviction in your vocal is terrific! Very introspective lyric that's relatable. I like the repetition of the phrase, "find my own way". Great job! Fun hearing the backstory too!

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that gospel meets soul combination that worked so well for have got it in spades. this song and performance tears off the roof, absolutely fabulous.

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woo hoo thats a killer - real gospely, tremendous - on to my saved list

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Whoa okay, this is instantly grabbing from the first line. Your voice, whoa. This is a very good track and your vocal leads it perfectly. A stand out performance!

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I think I could listen to you sing anything.
Found one of my favorite 50/90 vocalists this year, for sure!
Nothing more I can say that hasn't been said, other than just..."good grief"...
I love every single vocal pattern up and down and wavy and whatever else...the soul is so thick and smoky.
Yeah...good grief

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wow! I agree with everything said here by others, this is powerful, emotional, and a thrill to listen to. The gospel-styled accompanying piano chords are perfect for this, and the just piano and vocal production lets the vocal really breathe and feel totally lived in. (and what a great voice- i wish i could pull something like that off!)

great stuff!

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OMG I have chills. This is spectacular. Your voice is a jet engine. The opening lines and the way you sing it - perfection. Out of the park!

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Oh my goodness girl, you've got serious pipes! This is so gorgeous, just the perfect minimal piano ballad. A friggin' plus!

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Beautiful song. Your voice has so much power and soulfullness that it gives me goosebumps(in a good way). Lovely lyrics, Lovely performance

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We don't do right all the time. You just do you. You got that grown-folks voice. I like it.

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WOW! Just WOW! This is so powerful. I'm right there too and this was inspiring. Thank you

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Great tune and stellar performance. Strong lyrics as well.

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I have to thank @DeannaSweidel for pointing the way here. That kind of soul is hard to come by, and here we have it in our own community. Great writing and fantastic stripped-down performance!

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That is a soul standard in the making. The repetition of 'I'm too old for this' is like a compass pointing straight at heartache.

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As a(n older) child of Detroit, I say, this shoulda been a Motown hit in 1973. Good golly you can sing.

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Absolutely gorgeous song, singing, playing. Very powerful and instantly likable and memorable. Love it.

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Lovely old school tune. Classic feel to the composition and vocal. One of those feel songs. Nice work.