Before You Leave

Before You Leave

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Liner Notes: 

Two people meet again at a family gathering. They have a nice visit, but something seems a little out of tune. The one does not know that it is their last meeting.
It is only later that they wish strongly to have said these words: "Wait, before you go . . ."

I am dedicating this song to suicide prevention charities.

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Sweet sentiment, and this piece seems to communicate that feeling well.

The back story implies that one of them DOES know.

So many times we are reminded, you never know what's next, and you should always let people know you love them. That's what I think of anyway.

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this would be perfect soundtrack music for that scene in a movie

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This is pretty. I like the melody. And I also like how near the end it gets softer and slower...very contemplative. Nicely done.

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yup i could see that at a poignant moment in a film - nice one. Great cause as well!

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Thank you Mike for creating your music for charity. Very moving story about it and unique delivery. Beautiful tribute.

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As Bill says its a great soundtrack melody. Great and souldfull almost painfully beautiful Super song

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Sweet and tender piano melody, going around and around lightly and lovingly. It almost has a waltz feeling. I sense the gentle good times in those notes. And the ending almost has a music box last pirouette feeling, as time runs out. I can get the connection to suicide prevention. Thanks for doing this in support.