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Liner Notes: 

Started out about no one in particular and then wandered in a specific direction. Recorded in the contractor parking lot outside my work, since there was nowhere else to go!


I am finished with the sound of your voice
With the tales you tell
As tall as the clouds

I am over the way your narrowed eyes
And wandering hands
Are skulking around

I am finished, I am over
I am done, done, done
I have had it and I’m through
And I’m done, done, done

I have had it with your spiteful words
With your reckless ranting
In the middle of the night

I am through and I await the day
When you have no power
When you finally go away

I am finished, I am over...

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From my experience when it is over, it is over. Great job getting this demo in under the circumstances. Love that line "I am done, done, done". Also, good vocals and melody.

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Nice, I like the details in the lyric: the tales you tell -- tall as the clouds. Your narrowed eyes. I like the chorus, catchy.

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Yeah very nice this

I also like the details in the lyrics
loved the narrow eyes, gave a good image
keep em coming