He Liked Life Fast

He Liked Life Fast

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Liner Notes: 

Sometimes I have no idea where ideas come from, and this is one of those! Sort of just poured out of me.


He Liked Life Fast
© 2019 Cindy Prince

He liked his music
He liked it loud
Sometimes he got mixed up
With the wrong crowd

He liked his women
He liked his drink
Sometimes he got caught up
With life on the brink

He liked life fast
He wanted to have a blast
He longed to know what life could give
He liked fast cars
Dancing in all night bars
Was there any other way to live?

Other folks worried
Said he was destined for doom
For that kind of thinking
He didn't have room

He liked wild nights
He liked racy gals
Sometimes had to fight
Even his best pals

He liked his gambling
He liked his bets
Sometimes he thought
This was as good as it gets

Repeat chorus

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3tdoan's picture

Funny, my first impression was of a country rock song. Uptempo of course, for the fast life! Good character piece.

Ferry Colyer's picture

That was my first impression too, country. Lots of 'that must go wrong some time' feel in this. Tough guy!

cindyrella's picture

Yes, I think you are both right-country or country rock would probably fit better.

jcollins's picture

Nice use of the third person with great rhymes and story. Your bridge is exactly what I was thinking. Great job on this Cindy.

ustaknow's picture

Interesting to read the other comments first, -- sounds like a positive, independent somehow judged by who may as well be wrong; hear it even slower tempo and kinda r&b... maybe ala Stones early '70's even-ish. It's good when you can't pin it down and get lots of reaction, aye!

Kristi's picture

Great flow throughout and the rhymes are fun. I think it could go may different ways musically. Would be fun to hear it!

billwhite51's picture

i like how you bring this character to life and do not sit in judgement upon him. he is what he is and that is that,

sam sorrow's picture

I like the structure of the verses and the narrative they develop.