'Hope You Will Change Your Mind'

'Hope You Will Change Your Mind'

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Liner Notes: 

Here is my music for my chosed charity: https://www.mind.org.uk/ The link on forum is http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/song-or-instrumental-charity
If anyone feels like creating lyrics/singing/adding other instruments please let me know. It would be good to have it also as a song.
Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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A needed song for sure! Bless you for doing this for such a wonderful cause! Suicides are so high all over-some have even been 10 years old or younger! If I can think of words, I will let you know.

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your piece brings to my heart the desperation of so many people in trouble who feel there is no resolution to their pain in this life. your music is a clarifier as to the precious value of life, a loving egentl rebuke to those who consider acting without hope. God bless you for the beauty you bring to this world, and the spirit of life you impart to those you touch.

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The frustration is very evident in your music. The wish is is strong. And there is hope.

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This is a beauty again. Love your piano playing. You got me thinking about good causes, thank you.