Oh, Caroline! ( Rhapsody in Glue )

Oh, Caroline! ( Rhapsody in Glue )

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Liner Notes: 

Another rhapsody like "Oh, Patricia!" the previous song. Again, went to sit at the keyboard after the first line and went from there. To make it more whole I repeated the chorus. This time the demo is more produced and it took me more than three hours, more like six.

Lyrics, especially in the playful "hippie farm" section were done using Eno-technique, singing nonsense first and then editing them a bit.

Always wanted to use the word "erudite" in my lyrics.

Bonza is Australian slang meaning really good or pretty.


Oh, Caroline!

There you go again
thinkin' about the future
like your worrying could change a thing

Erudite confusion
always on your mind
you miss the joy your innocence could bring

and it don't mean a thing
if it ain't got that swing

and it don't mean a thing
if it ain't got that swing

Don't worry, be happy
don't worry, be happy, oh yeah
Don't hurry, be snappy
don't hurry, be snappy, oh no

It's gonna be fine
Oh, Caroline
You're gonna be free
just like me

Oh, Caroline...

Say your grace
find a new place
a hole in the sand
don't run and hide
let 'em all ride
back of the van

hop right in
out of your skin
it's never far
hippie farm
ache in your arm
so you better sing a little la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la...

Let's all have a bonza time!
let's all have a bonza time!
you have been locked up
so now do the crime
like mother superior kissing a mime

let's all have bonza time!...

Don't worry, be happy
don't worry, be happy, oh yeah
Don't hurry, be snappy
don't hurry, be snappy, oh no

It's gonna be fine
Oh, Caroline
You're gonna be free
just like me!

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Very “Strawberry Fields Forever” - nice!

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Lots of interesting bits in here. Love how the "Oh Caroline" bit sounds. It is very Beatles. Lyrics are grown out of nonsense very successfully. It sounds great, and is lots of fun, really lovely.

cindyrella's picture

This does remind me also of the Beatles. So much to love-the whole thing!

ductapeguy's picture

Pseudo-Beatlesian indeed. You riffed on the Abbey road era writing styles of all 4 Beatles. This is my new favorite Klaus song.

jcollins's picture

Wow, Klaus! This is amazing my friend. I read your linear notes and then the lyrics and said to myself "I need my headset to listen to this one" and the work you put into this made a classic song. I don't know where to start. Each section has a unique sound of its own and it's all good. I felt the Beach Boys in this and everything you mentioned in the linear. Super great job all around and i will buy your CD if it becomes available. For now, I downloaded the song.

Acousticmaddie's picture

This really is a rocking rhapsody. Great vibe., awesome groove flowing perfectly between the pieces.

Ferry Colyer's picture

Man, Klaus, you sure know how to write songs. This gets better and better as the song progresses and upon each new listen. Perfect pop song, I would say! So much to enjoy and lots of variation. Keep 'm coming!

coolparadiso's picture

I knew people would say Beatles and i see the likeness But i reckon this is out of the Rod Argent , Colin Blunstone playbook (the zombies). This has Odessey and Oracle written all over it! One of my favorite albums of all time! Its just a pleasure to listen to songs like this!

DeannaSweidel's picture

Klaus this is so original and the way you combine everything to flow so perfectly is really amazing! I love this!

Kurtis Kanttila's picture

Oh, very cool. Good composition and change ups, overall a very engaging and cool song. The bassline is right on point as the backing vocals. The middle part is super cool and it comes back with great smoothness. A very cool and crafty song, good job!

Fuzzy's picture

Wow, what a catchy tune!
Love the effects you put on the vocals.
Yeah, this track is definitely earworm-worthy.
And you keep changing it up; totally different sounds for each part, but they all hang together perfectly.
Lovely bass line, and the organ bits are pretty sweet, too.
Really excellent work here, Klaus!

TomS's picture

Mega sweet, dudecicle! Seriously, this kills.

splittybooms's picture

Love the melody on the "don't worry be happy" part.
Sweetness in my headphones during "oh caroline...", that was beautifully done with the organ in the back.
So many things grab the ear here...that sax and the vocals right before it...the groove during 'bonza'...oy - great great stuff here!
I actually had fun listening to this and wondering what would be next.
Wow, I thought you'd go into a jam session on the keys after that little trill up, but alas...I'm so satisfied with what you gave here.

Silver Machine's picture

Bloody 'ell mate what can I say. Are you a musical prodigy or something?
Beatles, Beach Boys, and a basketful of others. You took us on a tour of pop music down the decades.
You could win Eurovision with this. Flipping amazing.

Jerry Pettit's picture

Getting a late start and just now uploading my first song. This one of yours is GREAT!! Looking forward to a "friendly competition" with you, because I'm also a Beatlemaniac/Beach Boy fan. Just don't have the vocals like I used to (had a terrible bout of bronchitis earlier this year). Great complex job on this--nice job on the mixing/mastering. Sounds like a "real song"! Smile

oneslowtyper's picture

This is fantastic, Klaus! You really made me homesick for those days so long ago, when I was hearing all those great Beatles tunes for the first time.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very nice catchy song Klaus. Enjoyed listening to Beatles vibes and feeling your unique flavour.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Very beautiful and psychedelic! That electric piano gives it a very 70s feel, and the vocals sound great. The radio voice, the sax, "mother superior kissing a mime" ... real art. Perhaps your best!

lowhum's picture

Bonza, indeed! Enjoyed all the tangentials esp. The b boys tweak. You also got a great Ringo somewhere there.

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

I like this pseudo-beatleanian! I'm glad you still make songs in this style, you are very good at it!

tcelliott's picture

Sounds great. I love the beatles-esque feel combined with your own stamp.