Take me to you

Take me to you

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4 Take me to you - 50/90 2019

Liner Notes: 

I keep writing these breathy, head-voicey type songs, dunno why. I usually prefer to sing in my lower register. (it kills me that it’s not entirely in tune, but 2am on a school night ain’t the time for perfectionism :D)

Consciously trying to step away from intense rhyming with this one, I think it gives a sense of space.


Take me to your river
Where you used to play
With Tom and Dave from three streets over
Take me to your river
Take me to the day
You broke your finger and your brother’s nose
One summer

Take me to your mountain
Where you used to climb
To feel alive and brave and wild
Take me to your mountain
Take me to the time
You cried to see the light upon the clouds
In wonder

Take me to your secret places
Take me to your truth
Take me to your hidden pain
And take me to you

Take me to your desert
Take me to the way
You walked for hours without water
Take me to your desert
Where you once escaped
Your father and his black and bloody rage
In anger

Take me to your forest
Where you used to pray
At sacred trees with ancient whispers
Take me to your forest
Where you learned to breathe
Among the tender leaves and whistling birds
In springtime


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Mate! I nearly cried during this! It's so, so deep and rich. The final lines for each verse 'One summer', etc are very moving. Your liner notes are so right, this is about vulnerability and the music and vocals build and build on this theme. You achieve so much in the verses with two chords only. Nice one!

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This is a whole movie in 4 minutes. So rich and evocative.

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love these long rolling melodies, and when you start high, the lower notes resonate even more fully,

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Beautiful melody and rich lyrics; so simple and deep and full of caring. Lovely to witness.

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i love your melodies, beautiful lyrics/concept and performance. lovely.

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SO beautifully painted with words I can see the images as I listen to the song. Lyrically stunning

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The lyrics are amazing. So poetic and well-structured, and yes, not too much rhyming. Smile I really like your singing as well, you have a unique voice and the melodies in this song work well.

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Yeah, the very loose and spanned out rhyme really works and gives the lyrics feel a little more weight, a little more depth. Very good. Lovely performance.

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Great job coming up with a melody for this--I struggle with that. Lots of nice range there to keep it interesting. One of my favorite vocals from you!

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Lovely tune, resonates in a lot of ways. The melody is amazing, draws me in.

But it also brings up my personal story when I was a kid about a stream just down the hill, and a pond I could walk to out of my back yard. The friends I had who would walk those places with me when I was a kid in Louisiana and Georgia (USA). And climbing a modest little mountain called "Old Rag" in Virginia that was kinda challenging.

And walking in Arizona with my ex, in the freaking actual desert with no water, and possibly being a little lost, though we came out fine.

Enjoyed this tune, obviously took me lots of places in my own recollections. But could probably ring for others. I listened 3 times, I think, or 4.

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love that baritone uke backing. Gently soulful song too.

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If you weren't perfectly in tune, I didn't know it. Loved the vulnerability, the descriptiveness. I felt like I got to go with you.

This is so beautiful! I love how the lyrics walk me through all of the different places and the memory linked to each one, and how each stanza feels like it shares something deeper than the last about the song's "you", just like how you might progressively learn someone's secrets as you get to know them better. The melody is absolutely lovely, too. Gorgeous work!

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love the opening 'fall down' opening melody, lovely song, nice work, can hear lots of melodies flowing out of this one, and the nice change in the chorus.

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Gorgeous! I love how the lyrics approach a desire to be close with someone though their favorite places. What are if but the sum of our experiences? And you do the high breathy voice so well. Seriously. I wouldn't have even noticed the very minor pitch issues if you hadn't mentioned them. I really truly enjoyed this.